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Endovascular Treatment of Cerebral AVMs

Philippe Gailloud, MD

July 2005—Successful management of cerebral arteriovenous malformations has become a reality.

Neurovascular Intervention Roundtable

Bernard R. Bendok, MD; Lee R. Guterman, MD, PhD; and Kieran P. Murphy, MD

July 2005—Bernard R. Bendok, MD; Lee R. Guterman, MD, PhD; and Kieran P. Murphy, MD, regarding the latest developments in interventional neuroradiology.

CAS Approval and Reimbursement


July 2005—Let’s not forget about the individual patient.

An Interview With Pierre Gobin, MD

Pierre Gobin, MD

July 2005—A prominent neuroradiologist describes his experience with GDC coils and inventing the Merci Retriever device.

A Safe Stroke Prevention Treatment in Patients With Comorbid Conditions

Jay S. Yadav, MD

August 2005— There has traditionally been substantial resistance to the concept of pre-emptive revascularization of severe carotid stenosis in asymptomatic patients. Although the sur…

An Inappropriate and Unproven Option

Anthony J. Comerota, MD

August 2005—All invasive procedures are associated with risks of adverse events. Stroke is the procedure-related adverse event that is most devastating for patients with asymptomatic caro…

CAS in Asymptomatic Patients at High Risk for CEA: Rebuttals

Jay S. Yadav, MD

August 2005—Dr. Comerota’s commentary contains multiple misunderstandings and misstatements. He states “CAS has never been shown to reduce stroke risk in any patient category” and a…

Still Waiting for the Impact

Takao Ohki, MD, PhD

September 2005— The FDA approval and CMS coverage of carotid artery stenting (CAS) was predicted by many physicians and Wall Street analysts to have a practice-altering impact on the va…



2017 Device Guide

This Device Guide offers a searchable, comprehensive listing of the available vascular interventional devices in the United States.


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