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Company Name Product Name Materials Used Comments US FDA Indicated Use
Codman Neuro (Johnson & Johnson) Trufill n-BCA Liquid Embolic System Trufill n-BCA, Trufill ethiodized oil, and tantalum powder; these components must be used as a system A clear, free-flowing liquid, which polymerizes quickly on contact with body fluid or tissue; it offers convenient preparation and delivery, customized radiopacity for visualization, and effective penetration of AVMs Embolization of cerebral AVMs when presurgical devascularization is desired; premarket approval device
Medtronic Onyx HD-500 EVOH, dimethyl sulfoxide, tantalum High-viscosity formulation liquid embolic for the treatment of intracranial wide-necked aneurysms that are not amenable to treatment with surgical clipping Treating intracranial, saccular, sidewall aneurysms that present with a wide neck (≥ 4 mm) or with a dome-to-neck ratio < 2 mm that are not amenable to treatment with surgical clipping
Medtronic Onyx Liquid Embolic System: Onyx 18 and Onyx 34 EVOH, dimethyl sulfoxide, tantalum An ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer that provides controlled injection and reliability for presurgical embolization of brain AVMs Presurgical embolization of brain AVMs

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