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Expand Your Confidence in Embolisation Treatment: Ruby Coil and POD

With Lorenzo Paolo Moramarco, MD; Pietro Quaretti, MD; Vincent Vidal, MD, PhD; Ciro Ferrer, MD; Francois Cornelis, MD, PhD; Florian Wolf, MD, MBA, EBIR, EBCR; Gianluca Canu, MD; and Leto Mailli, MD

April 2016—Experts discuss the Ruby coil and POD systems.

Total Fibroid Devascularization With Embozene™ Microspheres

Lindalva Bertelli Fernandes, MD

April 2016—CASE PRESENTATION Figure 1. Pre-embolization MRI. A 34-y

Repositioning Direxion™ Without a Wire in Two Advanced Embolization Cases

R. Dana Tomalty, MD

April 2016—CASE 1 Presentation Figure 1. CT show

Embolization for High-Flow Priapism

Mark Horvath, DO; and Daniel LoCascio, MS, MD

April 2016—CASE PRESENTATION Figure 1. Dynamic cont

Needle- and Microcatheter-Guided Coiling of a 6-cm Internal Iliac Artery Aneurysm

Saam Tabar, MD

April 2016—CASE PRESENTATION A 63-year-old man presented with a large, 6-cm traumatic aneurysmal arteriovenous fistula of the left internal iliac artery, likely secondary to the bulle…

Coiling a Type II Endoleak With a 2-RO, 155-cm Direxion™ Microcatheter

Ying Wei Lum, MD

April 2016—CASE DESCRIPTION AND DISCUSSION A patient presented with a type II endoleak with a long and tortuous feeding vessel, which we believed to be the inferior mesenteric ar…

Exceptional Deliverability of the Expel™ Drainage Catheter With Twist-Loc™ Hub

R. Dana Tomalty, MD

April 2016—CASE DESCRIPTION Figure 1. A patient presented with a staghorn calculus, a large stone that takes up more than one branch of the

Combined Transfemoral and Transhepatic Embolization of Gastric Varices

Moni Stein, MD, FSIR

April 2016—Over the last few years, an alternative to the transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) procedure has emerged -- balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliterati…



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