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Current Trends in UAE

Robert L. Worthington-Kirsch, MD

April 2009—Robert L. Worthington-Kirsch, MD, discusses new data findings, clinical decision making, and building your patient base and referral network.

An Interview With John Kaufman, MD

John Kaufman, MD

April 2009—The outgoing SIR president discusses his efforts for a primary certificate in IR, boosting the identity of the specialty, and the evolving role of IR in the treatment of PAD.

Embolization Therapies

Barry T. Katzen, MD, Chief Medical Editor

June 2008—Uterine fibroid embolization has become a significant endovascular procedure, offering patients an important less invasive alternative to hysterectomy and myomectomy. It highl…

Endovascular Repair of PAVM by Embolotherapy

Robert I. White, Jr, MD

June 2008—In a patient with a transient ischemic attack or stroke, a positive contrast echocardiogram does not always mean a patent foramen ovale.

Endovascular Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms

David Fiorella, MD, PhD; Michael E. Kelly, MD; Raymond D. Turner IV, MD; and Pedro Lylyk, MD

June 2008—Current devices, emerging therapies, and future technology for the management of cerebral aneurysms.

Visceral Arterial Embolization

Eric J. Gandras, MD; Craig R. Greben, MD; Daniel Putterman, MD; Drew Caplin, MD; and Avi Setton, MD

June 2008—Innovations in new techniques, embolic agents, and delivery systems expand endovascular treatment options for challenging visceral vascular lesions.

Peripheral Embolic Protection

John R. Laird, Jr, MD, Chief Medical Editor

October 2006—Embolic protection devices have been a terrific addition to the armamentarium of the vascular interventionist. Although there is consensus that these devices are beneficial du…

Conflicts of Interest and Double Standards

Takao Ohki, MD, PhD

October 2006—Why was Jay Yadav, MD, dismissed from the Cleveland Clinic?



2017 Buyer’s Guide

This Buyer’s Guide offers a searchable, comprehensive listing of the FDA-approved interventional devices available in the United States.


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