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A New Concept in EVAR

Dieter Raithel, MD, PhD; Lefeng Qu, MD, PhD; and Gudrun Hetzel, MD, PhD

May 2006—Anatomical fixation with the Powerlink stent graft.

Late Conversion After EVAR

Evan C. Lipsitz, MD, and Takao Ohki, MD, PhD

May 2006—Tips and tricks to help you successfully approach and treat these challenging cases.

Passing the SAAAVE Act Into Law

Robert M. Zwolak, MD

May 2006—Endovascular Today interviews Robert M. Zwolak, MD, Chair of the National Aneurysm Alliance, regarding the legislative process as it pertains to medicine and his involvement with the recent passing of the SAAAVE Act.

The Short Proximal AAA Neck

Alexandra A. MacLean, MD, and Barry T. Katzen, MD, for the BCVI Endovascular Team

May 2006—A comparison of EVAR outcomes among groups of patients with different proximal neck lengths.

EVAR for Treating Ruptured AAAs

Manish Mehta, MD, MPH; John Taggert, MD; R. Clement Darling III, MD; Benjamin B. Chang, MD; Paul B. Kreienberg, MD; Philip S.K. Paty, MD; Sean P. Roddy, MD; Yaron Sternbach; Kathleen J. Ozsvath, MD; and Dhiraj M. Shah, MD

July 2006—A standardized endovascular approach for treating abdominal aortic aneurysms is presented and studied.

An Interview With Mark W. Mewissen, MD

Mark W. Mewissen, MD

July 2006—A renowned vascular radiologist shares his wisdom about the state of the practice, SFA stenting, and online education.

A Critical Review of Outcomes

Gregorio A. Sicard, MD

August 2006—Gregorio A. Sicard, MD, explains the origin of the SVS Outcomes Committee and its current initiatives, including examination of high-risk patient data from the US IDE endovascular aneurysm repair trials.

First Among Equals

Professor Roger Greenhalgh, Professor Janet Powell, and Louise Brown

August 2006—Professor Roger Greenhalgh, Professor Janet Powell, and Louise Brown address outside interpretations of the design and conclusions of the EVAR-2 trial.



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