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Sirtex Microspheres to Be Studied for Cholangiocarcinoma in SIRCCA and Included in ESMO Guidelines

October 11, 2016 -- Sirtex Medical Ltd announced the commencement of SIRCCA (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy [SIRT] in Cholangiocarcinoma), a phase 2 study of the co…

RESIRT Data on Sirtex's SIR-Spheres to Treat Renal Cell Carcinoma Presented at ESMO Congress

October 10, 2016 -- Sirtex Medical Inc. announced that the initial safety and efficacy results from the RESIRT pilot clinical study were presented in a poster session at …

Lung Ablation

Panelists: Kamran Ahrar, MD, MBA; Sharjeel H. Sabir, MD; Alda L. Tam, MD; Robert Suh, MD; Peter J. Littrup, MD; and Damian E. Dupuy, MD, FACR

September 2016— LESION ADJACENT TO THE PULMONARY ARTERY a class="screenshot" href="" title="A 64-year-old woman who was a …

Renal and Adrenal

Panelists: Raul Uppot, MD; Stephen Ho, MD, FRCPC; and Nadine Abi-Jaoudeh, MD


Liver Mass

Panelists: Raj Narayanan, MD; David Lu, MD; and Fred T. Lee Jr, MD

September 2016— PERIPORTAL HEPATIC MASS img src="

Iatrogenic Liver Regeneration

Hyun-Ki Yoon, MD, PhD

September 2016—The new frontier of hepatic resection.

Down and Dirty With Dosimetry

David M. Liu, MD, FRCPC, FSIR; Mark Westcott, MD; Ricardo Garcia-Monaco, MD, PhD, FSIR; Robert Abraham, MD, FRCPC, FSIR; and Ripal Gandhi, MD, FSVM

September 2016—A practical understanding and approach to radioembolization.

Pediatric Interventional Oncology: Big Cases in Small People

Manraj Kanwal Singh Heran, MD, FRCPC

September 2016—An overview of the current state of interventional radiology in pediatric oncology.



2017 Device Guide

This Device Guide offers a searchable, comprehensive listing of the available vascular interventional devices in the United States.


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