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Benefits of Multispecialty Vascular Care Teams

Misaki Kiguchi, MD, MBA, MSc, RPVI; John S. Steinberg, DPM, FACFAS; Christian C. Shults, MD; and Edward Y. Woo, MD

January 2017—Combining resources across service lines to bring patients more comprehensive treatment options for complex aortic disease and critical limb ischemia.

Building a Comprehensive CLI Program

J.A. Mustapha, MD; Larry J. Diaz-Sandoval, MD; Mike Sumners, DO; and Fadi Saab, MD

January 2017—The multitasking, multidisciplinary team approach to addressing this multilevel disease.

Understanding Clinical Data and Its Application to Clinical Practice

Krishna Rocha-Singh, MD

November 2016—The emphasis on evidence-based medical practice emerged in response to the potential hazards and inconsistencies of empirical clinical decision making and reinforced the impor…

Registry Assessment of Peripheral Interventional Devices (RAPID)

Jose Pablo Morales, MD; Jack Cronenwett, MD; and Robert Thatcher, MBA; on behalf of the RAPID Project Collaborators

August 2016—Developing a minimum core dataset for total product life cycle device evaluation across multiple data sources: a step toward establishing a National Evaluation System for Health Technology for peripheral intervention devices.

A Field Guide to Radiation Safety Terminology

Robert G. Dixon, MD, FSIR, and Kent M. Ogden, PhD, DABR

August 2016—An overview of key radiation dosimetric quantities and terms.

What Does Histology Say About Vessel Preparation in Femoropopliteal ISR?

Renu Virmani, MD, FACC; and Frank D. Kolodgie, PhD

June 2016—Initial pilot study results on laser revascularization with adjunctive DCB use.

Italian Single-Center Experiences With S.M.A.R.T.® Flex

Luca Garriboli, MD; and Antonio Maria Jannello, MD

May 2016—One year of experience with the vascular stent system.

The Latest in DCB Evidence

Prof. Thomas Zeller, MD

May 2016—ILLUMENATE Global confirms findings of ILLUMENATE FIH




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