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Ask the Experts: What Is Your Protocol for Following Patients After TEVAR?

With Rajesh K. Malik, MD, FACS, RPVI; Tilo Kölbel, MD, PhD; Patrick Kelly, MD; and James F. McKinsey, MD

November 2017—Expects comment on their approach to surveillance for patients with aneurysmal disease versus aortic dissection.

TEVAR: Strategizing Success

Edward Y. Woo, MD; and Ian M. Loftus, MD, FRCS

November 2017— It may seem obvious that optimal preparation is essential for both procedural and long-term success for any vascular disease treatmen

Classification of Aortic Pathologies

Sharif H. Ellozy, MD

November 2017—A brief review of thoracic aortic aneurysms and acute aortic syndrome, including classic aortic dissection, intramural hematoma, and penetrating aortic ulcer.

Preoperative Risk Assessment for Optimal TEVAR Outcomes

Tristan R. A. Lane, PhD, BSc, MBBS, MRCS; Sadie Syed, MD, MBBS, FRCA; Richard Gibbs, MD, MBChB, FRCS; and Colin D. Bicknell, MD, FRCS

November 2017—Evaluating which imaging, risk stratification, and system-specific options to consider before thoracic endovascular aortic repair.

Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms: At What Size Should We Intervene?

Robert J. Hinchliffe, MD, FRCS; and Paul Hollering

November 2017—Key factors to consider when selecting patients for TAA repair.

Ask the Experts: When and How Do You Survey a Small TAA?

With Timur P. Sarac, MD; Dittmar Böckler, MD, PhD; Moritz S. Bischoff, MD; Katrin Meisenbacher, MD; and Ian M. Loftus, MD, FRCS

November 2017—Experts discuss how the definition of small AAAs and TAAs has changed in the past decade and how best to treat them.

Identifying the Appropriate Thoracic Device Size

Michael E. Barfield, MD; and Thomas S. Maldonado, MD

November 2017—How to correctly size a thoracic device in diameter, landing zone, and length.

The Aberrant Vertebral Artery With Aortic Arch Pathology

Tareq M. Massimi, MD; and Edward Y. Woo, MD

November 2017—A discussion of the indications for revascularization and technical tips for preservation.




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