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Mr. McChesney,
I recently received the September/October 2002 issue of Endovascular Today. First, may I congratulate you on some very interesting and well-written articles. I wonder, however, if I might make a suggestion for you and your Chief Medical Editors to consider? From a European viewpoint, the articles were heavily US-oriented. I wouldn’t suggest for one moment that US issues are not important—clearly Europeans have much to learn from the experience of American researchers. This fact, however, cuts both ways. For example, the article entitled “A Review Of Current Carotid Artery Stent Trials” included only those from the US; there is no mention of ICSS (which I believe has randomized more than four times the number of patients in CREST), EVA3S (France), or the UK and German Registries. Similarly the article entitled “Surgery Or Stenting?” mentioned NASCET and ECST but failed to discuss ECST. To improve your appeal on this side of the pond (as well as in the US), I would suggest that these are important issues. I wonder if you have considered soliciting input from Europe? I think it would broaden your journal. I hope you find these comments positive, as they are intended to be helpful.

Trevor Cleveland, FRCS, FRCR
Consultant Vascular Radiologist
Sheffield Vascular Institute, Northern General Hospital United Kingdom

Publisher’s Note:
Endovascular Today acknowledges that significant endovascular studies and developments are taking place throughout the world, and we welcome input and feedback from the international community. In order to provide our readers with the most complete coverage of endovascular developments, this January we will introduce our International Board, as well as a special section of our publication dedicated to clinical trials, technology, and techniques from the international community. We are certain that our readers are eager to learn the results of clinical trials from the US and abroad. Whether international studies contradict or confirm US data, including them here is sure to make our publication more relevant and interesting to all of our readers.


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