June 2003




Meet the Chief Medical Editors

Endovascular Today is proud to have three of the nation’s top endovascular specialists as our Chief Medical Editors. To ensure that our focus encompasses all specialists who participate in endovascular therapies, we have chosen Chief Medical Editors from the fields of interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, and vascular surgery.

By Takao Ohki, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Editor's Page

Defeating SFA Disease

By John R. Laird, Jr, MDChief Medical Editor

The ALEVE Study

A quality of life assessment of patients undergoing percutaneous peripheral interventions.

By Roberto A. Corpus, MD; John A. House, MS; and Steven P. Marso, MD

Retrievable Vena Cava Filters

Could these devices reduce morbidity while offering optimal protection?

By John H. Matsuura, MD

The ARCHeR Trial: 30-Day Results

Experience with carotid stenting in high surgical risk patients compares favorably with historical CEA outcomes.

By Alicia Fagan

Nitinol Stents in the Femoropopliteal Arterial Segment

One center’s experience with the Cordis SMART stent suggests the device should play a larger role in treating this vessel.

By Mark W. Mewissen, MD

A New Approach to Treating SFA Disease

Preliminary results suggest that the PolarCath PTA system is a promising new weapon in the battle against SFA disease.

By John R. Laird, Jr, MD

Using Coiled Stents to Treat Arterial Occlusive Disease

Nitinol stent platforms, such as aSpire and Intracoil, may emerge as the most patient- and physician-friendly long-term solution for this troubling disorder.

By Gary M. Ansel, MD

Excimer Laser Treatment of SFA Occlusions

The combination of excimer laser technology with current interventional devices and advanced recanalization techniques offers certain advantages over standard PTA techniques.

By Giancarlo Biamino, MD, and Dierk Scheinert, MD

Remote Endarterectomy

An old technique comes back to the future.

By David H. Deaton, MD

Intravascular Brachytherapy in Lower-Extremity PAD

Is therapeutic radiotherapy a viable treatment option for PAD?

By Robert S. Dieter, MD, and John R. Laird, JR, MD

The FDA Medical Device Fellowship Program

In an effort to optimize the timeliness and quality of its evaluations, the FDA has initiated an innovative program.

By Garrett Pilcher; Dorothy B. Abel; and Susan A. Homire, DVM

Subintimal Angioplasty for Long SFA Occlusions With Critical Ischemia

Although this technique has yet to gain widespread acceptance, its popularity is growing, especially in high-risk patients.

By Evan C. Lipsitz, MD; Takao Ohki, MD; and Frank J. Veith, MD


CYPHER Drug-eluting Stent

5 Questions

Dr. Palmaz shares with us how he came to develop one of the most revolutionary devices in modern medicine.

By Julio Palmaz, MD

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