Abbott Perclose ProGlide


At this month’s annual Transcatheter Therapeutics meeting in Washington, DC, Abbott Vascular Devices (Redwood City, CA) launches its latest-generation suture-mediated closure device, the Perclose ProGlide. The device now incorporates monofilament suture to minimize tissue response in the vessel. In addition, the new suture allows operators to smoothly and intuitively deliver a pre-tied knot directly to the ateriotomy with one simple pull of the rail suture. The Perclose ProGlide is approved for immediate reaccess of the original puncture site, allowing physicians to safely perform repeat procedures using the same access site as soon as is necessary.

Company: Abbott Vascular Devices
Phone: (800) 222-6883

Key Features
• Monofilament suture
• No reaccess restrictions
• Pre-tied knot delivered directly to the arteriotomy
• Numbered deployment steps printed on the device
• New suture trimmer

Galaxy2 IVUS Imaging System

The Galaxy2 IVUS Imaging System (Boston Scientific Corporation, Natick, MA) was designed to provide more sophisticated intravascular ultrasound imaging, simplify operating techniques, and reduce set-up and procedural time. The system provides a three-dimensional as well as a circumferential view for peripheral-vascular, cardiovascular, and Electro Physiologic applications. The Galaxy2 system utilizes a 17-inch LCD flat panel monitor (foldable), a Pentium 4 2.4-GHz processor, DVD/CD removable storage, and DICOM networking. These features, coupled with an ultrasound digital storage format, greatly increase ease of use, efficiency, and image analysis capability, states Boston Scientific.
“Galaxy2 is state-of-the-art technology,” said Gary Mintz, MD, of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation in New York. “It provides unprecedented flexibility and image quality for IVUS procedures.”

Company: Boston Scientific Corporation
Phone: (800) 832-7822

Key Features
• Automated border detection
• Longitudinal reconstruction
• High-resolution imaging catheters

SilverHawk System

Long plagued by low PTA and stent patency rates, femoral-popliteal and infrapopliteal disease can now be treated with a new device that excises large amounts of plaque from the lumen. The SilverHawk System (FoxHollow Technologies, Menlo Park, CA) received FDA clearance in June 2003 for plaque excision in de novo and restenotic lesions in the lower extremities. FoxHollow states that the procedure is straightforward, entailing only three steps: catheter positioning at the treatment area, cutter activation, and advancement of the cutter through the length of the lesion. The catheter’s distal nose cone collects the plaque removed from the lumen. With separate catheters specific to femoral-popliteal and tibial-peroneal lesions, the SilverHawk System can treat calcified and noncalcified lesions of any length in 2-mm to 6-mm vessels.

Company: FoxHollow Technologies
Phone: (877) FHT-HAWK

Key Features
• Precise, predictable excision of large volumes of plaque
• FDA-cleared for de novo and restenotic lesions in femoral-popliteal and tibial-peroneal arteries
• Large luminal gain achieved without creating barotrauma
• Continuous longitudinal cutting enables efficient treatment of long lesions

Aurora Biliary Stent System

Medtronic, Inc. (Santa Rosa, CA) recently announced the FDA clearance and US availability of its Aurora Self-Expanding Biliary Stent System. The Aurora Stent System is a laser-cut nitinol device designed to maintain bile flow in ducts restricted or blocked by malignant tumors. Six radiopaque, MRI-compatible gold markers provide a clear view of the stent’s positioning and placement. The latest-generation device improves upon prior versions of Medtronic’s self-expanding stent delivery systems with a one-step, single-handed delivery system, which facilitates maneuverability, tracking, and deployment.
Physicians can select from 6-mm, 7-mm, 8-mm, 9-mm, and 10-mm diameters and 20-mm, 40-mm, 60-mm, and 80-mm lengths. The Aurora’s wall thickness is .007 inches, and the device is compatible with a .035-inch guidewire. 

Company: Medtronic, Inc.
Phone: (800) 626-3748

Key Features
• Radiopaque MRI-compatible gold markers for increased visibility
• One-step, single-handed delivery
• Metal to vessel ratio of 15.8%
• Available in 75-cm and 120-cm catheter lengths


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