October 2003




Chief Medical Editor's Page

Treatment of Total Occlusions

By John R. Laird, Jr, MD, Chief Medical Editor


The LACI Trial: 6-Month Results

The results of the Laser Angioplasty for Critical Limb Ischemia (LACI) trial may validate the resurrection of laser technology in treating PVD.

By Alicia Fagan


Left Ventricular Repair

A novel percutaneous technique allows for a minimally invasive therapeutic option to treat a left ventricular pseudoaneurysm.

By James F. McGuckin, MD; Richard C. Kovach, MD; Reginald J. Blaber, MD; Joseph P. Curreri, MD; and John A. Heim, MD


The SIROCCO Studies

The latest results from the SIROCCO studies—initial evaluations of drug-eluting stents in the SFA—show favorable outcomes.

By Matt Pesotski, Associate Editor


A Nonsurgical Approach to Stenosis

Nonsurgical management of vascular access stenosis, aneurysms, and extravasation with the Viabahn Flexible Self-Expanding Stent Graft.

By John R. Ross, MD, A-V Access Section Editor


TAXUS-IV: The Pivotal Results

A look at the study design, technology, and 9-month results that secured Boston Scientific a November date for FDA panel review.

By Matt Pesotski, Associate Editor


Blunt Microdissection of Chronic Total Occlusions

The Frontrunner CTO Catheter facilitates guidewire placement across coronary and peripheral CTOs

By Matt Selmon, MD

Excimer Laser Angioplasty for CTOs

An underestimated tool is undergoing a resurgence for treatment of complex PVD.

By Tony Das, MD

Recanalization of Peripheral Total Occlusions

The results of the GRIP Registry study of the Safe-Cross Radiofrequency Total Occlusion Crossing System show that this device can safely achieve distal lumen positioning.

By Mark H. Wholey, MD


Medical Device User Fee and Modernization Act

How will the MDUFMA have an impact on you, your device, and your industry?

By Dorothy Abel, with Garrett P. Pilcher

Optimizing Acute Success in Lower-Extremity CTOs

As the field matures and we approach increasingly complex lesions, technologies such as the CrossPoint catheter will be critical to the technical success of endovascular interventions.

By James D. Joye, DO


LifeStent SDS Stent System

An Interview With Albert Starr, MD

Dr. Albert Starr, inventor of the artificial heart valve, discusses his experiences being a doctor in extraordinary situations, and his passion for everyday life in the OR.

By Albert Starr, MD

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