November 2003





Chief Medical Editor's Page.

The Emergence of Renal Artery Stenting

By Barry T. Katzen, MD, Chief Medical Editor

Overview of Carotid and Cerebrovascular Disease

Carotid endarterectomy has been the gold standard for the treatment of carotid disease, but recent data suggest that carotid stenting with embolic protection is a viable alternative.

By Jay S. Yadav, MD


Long Segment Disease

The combination of several new technologies for treating the SFA allowed for the treatment of a 6-year-old chronic total occlusion measuring 20 cm.

By Robert M. Bersin, MD


Flat Panel Technology

St. Luke’s Hospitals’ clinical experience during the first 1,000 procedures using the Innova 4100.

By Hal Folander, MD, and Renee Martino, RN, CRN


Popliteal Artery Aneurysms

There is an increasing role of endovascular therapy for the management of popliteal artery aneurysmal disease.

By Li Sheng Kong, MD; Karthikeshwar Kasirajan, MD; and Ross Milner, MD

Renal Artery Disease: Facts and Myths

Before developing an appropriate strategy for evaluating and treating RAS, you should understand the sound beliefs and common misconceptions surrounding it.

By Christopher J. White, MD

Tips and Tricks of RAS for High-Risk Patients

Before treating renovascular hypertension or ischemic nephropathy, there are a few things you should know.

By Thomas A. Sos, MD, and David W. Trost, MD


The Importance of Renal Artery Stenting in Ischemic Nephropathy

Ischemic nephropathy is the most important indication for intervention in renal artery occlusive disease.

By Thomas A. Sos, MD, and David W. Trost, MD


FDA Insights: Top 10 Issues and Insights for Endovascular Grafts

Perspectives on the current state of endovascular grafting technology.

By Dorothy B. Abel

Embolic Protection Devices in RAS

The use of a distal embolic protection device can significantly improve results after stent revascularization for patients with ischemic nephropathy.

By Andrew Holden, MBCHB, FRANZCR

Maximizing the Value of Your Partnership

What should you be doing to prepare your partnership for the new year?

By Michael P. Hatch, CFP, JD

Communicating the Benefits of Renal Artery Stenting

The safe and effective treatment of renovascular patients begins with educating everyone involved in the process of referral.

By Andrew B. Covit, MD, and Larry E. Shindelman, MD

AdvaMed Alters Industry Interaction

A new code of ethics goes into effect on January 1, 2004.

By Craig McChesney, Publisher


Cleaner Rotational Thrombectomy System

An Interview With Rodney White, MD

One of the world’s foremost endovascular device experts discusses the reasons for the remarkable success of a relatively new technology and the promise it holds.

By Rodney White, MD

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