October 2004




An Interview With Barry T. Katzen, MD

One of the world’s foremost interventional radiologists shares his views on the current state of endovascular therapy.

By Barry T. Katzen, MD


Overview of Restenosis in Peripheral Arterial Interventions

Restenosis continues to complicate percutaneous procedures, but new treatments hold promise.

By Robert S. Dieter, MD, RVT, and John R. Laird, Jr, MD

Excimer Laser to Treat SFA In-Stent Restenosis

Excimer laser-assisted recanalization of SFA in-stent restenosis simplifies reintervention on restenosed stents and may prevent complications.

By Giancarlo Biamino, MD

An Update on Peripheral Brachytherapy

Vascular brachytherapy still plays a role in the current treatment of restenosis.

By Ron Waksman, MD, FACC

An Overview of Cryoplasty

Current and future applications of this technology show promising ability to resolve many of the troubling issues encountered in treating lower-extremity arterial disease.

By James D. Joye, DO

Using the Viabahn for SFA In-Stent Restenosis

The application of a covered stent to treat nitinol stent restenosis in the SFA has so far proven to be a promising approach.

By Gary M. Ansel, MD; Charles F. Botti, Jr, MD; and Mitchell J. Silver, DO

Drug-Eluting Stents

Current clinical experience and future directions.

By Eberhard Grube, MD, and Lutz Buellesfeld, MD

The Cost of SFA Interventions

How do factors such as in-stent restenosis impact the cost-effectiveness of angioplasty and stenting?

By Virginia Oliva, MD, and Ross Milner, MD

Plaque Excision for Treatment of Restenosis

Use of a novel device for recurrent stenosis in the superficial femoral artery.

By Barry S. Weinstock, MD


Inventing Success

Interviews and insights from some of the biggest hitters of all time!

By Paul Gianneschi


Restenosis Management

By John R. Laird, Jr, MD Chief Medical Editor


Pressure-Sensing Guidewire Analysis in RAS

Adapting this coronary-based technology to optimize “functional” renal artery revascularization could have significant clinical implications.

By David E. Allie, MD; Chris J. Hebert, RT, RCIS; and Craig M. Walker, MD

Direct Renal Stenting

Direct renal stenting has the potential to be as effective as stenting conducted by previous lesion dilatation.

By Alberto Cremonesi, MD; Fausto Castriota, MD; Raffaella Manetti, MD; Armando Liso, MD; Enrico Ricci, MD; and Kareem Oshoala, MD

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