January 2005




Cerebrovascular Interventions

A look at developments in physician reimbursement for cerebrovascular procedures over the last 20 years, including the latest CMS coverage updates.

By Roseanne R. Wholey

Bedside Placement of IVC Filters

This new IVUS-directed technique of filter placement significantly reduces risk in some patients.

By Andy C. Chiou, MD, MPH, FACS, and Jon S. Matsumura, MD, FACS

IVUS-Guided VCF Placement

An alternative approach to an increasingly popular vena cava filter placement technique.

By John H. Matsuura, MD


Vena Caval Filters in the Treatment of Acute DVT

IVC filter placement provides protection against PE caused in part by thrombus fragmentation during the thrombectomy or thrombolytic procedure.

By Peter H. Lin, MD; Ruth L. Bush, MD; and Alan B. Lumsden, MD

IVC Filter Placement in Bariatric Patients

Selective placement can limit pulmonary embolism, the leading cause of death in this growing surgical population.

By Dirk S. Baumann, MD, FACS

Second-Generation, Optional Vena Cava Filter

A 90-day update on the safety and performance of a second-generation, optional vena cava filter in an animal model.

By Bob Smouse, MD; Anthony O. Ragheb, PhD; and Shivani G. Patel, MD


Live Cases Involving Investigational Devices

With the popularity of live-case demonstrations continuing to grow, the FDA is aiming to make sure they are conducted in adherence with safety and regulatory guidelines.

By Dorothy B. Abel and Angela C. Smith


Much Anticipation for 2005

By Barry T. Katzen, MD Chief Medical Editor


The Vascular Disease Foundation

An update on the recent initiatives and educational progress of the VDF.

By Peter Gloviczki, MD


Carotid Artery Stent Restenosis

A challenging problem in patients with previous endarterectomy or radiation.

By George Younis, MD; Kamal Gupta, MD; Neil Strickman, MD; Ali Mortazavi, MD; Arup Achari, MD; Emerson Perin, MD; and Zvonimir Krajcer, MD

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