September 2005




An Interview With Gary Ansel, MD

A top interventional cardiologist shares his insight on the future of SFA treatment and what to expect from VIVA 2005.

By Gary Ansel, MD

CAS Training Issues

Questions remain regarding device training and credentialing.

By Takao Ohki, MD, PhD

The Transatlantic Asymptomatic Carotid Intervention Trial

A first-of-its-kind trial looks at treating asymptomatic carotid patients.

By Barry T. Katzen, MD, for the tacit investigators*

The Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis Trials

New data support intervention in asymptomatic patients, and a new trial of stenting versus surgery is planned.

By Endovascular Today Staff


Carotid Artery Occlusive Therapy

A review of the history, the current state of treatment, and the issues surrounding regulation and reimbursement.

By Rodney A. White, MD

CREST Achieves Major Milestone

An update of new data regarding asymptomatic participants.

By Jamie Roberts, BSH, CCRP; Susan Hughes, BSN; MeeLee Tom, MS; Jason Avery, MPH; Alice Sheffet, PhD; Thomas G. Brott, MD; and Robert Hobson, MD


The Benefits of Simulation Training for Fellows and Residents

Long used in aviation, simulation technology is emerging as a key component of graduate medical education programs.

By David L. Dawson, MD


Still Waiting for the Impact

By Takao Ohki, MD, PhD


Absorbable Metal Stent Update

Encouraging data have led to new trial designs for this exciting potential treatment.

By Endovascular Today Staff


Current and Future Thrombolytic Options for Acute PAO

A review of available plasminogen activators and a description of the novel direct-acting thrombolytic alfimeprase.

By Sean P. Lyden, MD


Plaque Excision in 2005 and Beyond: Rebuttal

Rebuttal of “Issues of the Past Have Yet to Be Resolved”

By Lawrence A. Garcia, MD, and James F. McKinsey, MD

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