June 2006




The IMS Trials

How a combined IV and IA approach utilizing an ultrasound-assisted, drug-delivery microcatheter increases recanalization rates over IV thrombolytic therapy alone.

By Joseph Broderick, MD, and Thomas Tomsick, MD


A Multifaceted Approach for Training in Venous Disease Management

Diomed, the endovenous treatment leader, offers a unique multistep program with a mix of didactic, interactive simulation, and clinical experience.

By David Vanderpool, MD


Subintimal Angioplasty With Nitinol Stenting

Results of combined femoropopliteal subintimal angioplasty and nitinol stent placement for limb salvage in patients unsuitable for distal bypass.

By Albert D. Sam II, MD; James W. McNeil, MD; John D. Frusha, MD; and Andrew J. Olinde, MD


Treating In-Stent Restenosis With Combination Laser Therapy

The combination of excimer laser coronary atherectomy followed by brachytherapy has shown positive results against in-stent restenosis.

By David E. Hoekenga, MD; Dona Hoekenga, RN, MA; Marti Rigg, RN, BSN; and Alex Milenkov, RT


Litigation Preparation: Before You've Been Sued…

Five steps you can take today to protect yourself and your practice against a lawsuit.

By Adam B. Krafczek, Jr, Esq, and Charles M. O'donnell, Esq

Litigation Preparation: After You've Been Sued…

Five steps you should take to protect yourself after you have been named in a lawsuit.

By Craig McChesney, Esq

Protecting Your Assets From Malpractice Claims

Three mechanisms can prevent malpractice creditors from seizing your assets.

By Gideon Rothschild, Esq, and Daniel S. Rubin, Esq

Firsthand Experiences: The Specter of a Flawed System

Although still early in his career as a vascular surgeon, Ross Milner, MD, has already been witness to some of the most troubling aspects of today's medical malpractice environment.

By Ross Milner, MD

Firsthand Experiences: When a Straightforward Case Goes Wrong

Mark H. Wholey, MD, recounts a case in which the right procedure was performed with precise accuracy, but a disappointing outcome resulted in a lawsuit. Dr. Wholey also discusses his methods for averting malpractice litigation.

By Mark H. Wholey, MD

Firsthand Experiences: The Impact of Informed Consent

James A.M. Smith, DO, discusses how an informed consent form proved to be the deciding factor in a malpractice arbitration case against his group.

By James A.M. Smith, DO


Physician Employment Agreements in the 21st Century

Critical elements you should consider to help ensure that your agreement suits your specific needs.

By Terrell J. Isselhard, JD

Medical Device Reporting

An overview of the current reporting responsibilities.

By Dorothy B. Abel; Angela C. Smith; and Deborah L. Yoder

An Interview with Stephen R. Ramee, MD

A premier interventional cardiologist discusses the success of All That Jazz 2006 after Katrina and collaboration to treat stroke.

By Stephen R. Ramee, MD

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