March 2007






Dispatches on the Global Progress of EVAR

By Takao Ohki, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Editor


Designing the Ideal Stent

Stent cell geometry and its clinical significance in carotid stenting.

By Mark H. Wholey, MD, and Ender A. Finol, PhD


Radial Access in Peripheral Interventions

Endovascular Today interviews Craig M. Walker, MD, about the potential advantages of taking an "access road less traveled."

By Craig M. Walker, MD


A Management Model in Need of Revision

By Peter Harris, MD, FRCS

The Dawn of AAA Stenting in Japan

By Takao Ohki, MD, PhD

The Status of Endovascular Therapy in Australia

By Michael M. D. Lawrence-Brown, MD, and James B. Semmens, MSc, PhD

Ten Years of EVAR in China

By Jing Zaiping, MD

Why EVAR Has Failed in Belgium

By Patrick Peeters, MD, and Marc Bosiers, MD

EVAR in Its Native Country

By Mariano Ferreira, MD

Increasing Roles for Both Endovascular and Open Repair

By Hence J. M. Verhagen, MD, and Jan D. Blankensteijn, MD

Current Status of EVAR in Hong Kong

By Stephen W.K. Cheng, MS, FRCS, FRCS (Ed), FACS

EVAR Use Expands in Germany

By Giovanni Torsello, MD

National Directives Needed for EVAR in Italy

By Piergiorgio Cao, MD, FRCS; Paola De Rango, MD; Gianbattista Parlani, MD; and Fabio Verzini, MD

Indication and Durability of EVAR: A Korean Perspective

By Won-Heum Shim, MD, PhD, FACC, and Chul Min Ahn, MD

An Increasing EVAR Population

By Gaudencio Espinosa, MD, PhD

State of EVAR in the US

By Larisse K. Lee, MD, and Peter L. Faries, MD, FACS

An Interview with Frank J. Criado, MD

A renowned expert in endovascular therapy and aortic stent grafts stresses the importance of CAS patient selection and what new interventionists should know.


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