July 2007




Access Strategy and Improvement

By Barry T. Katzen, MD, Chief Medical Editor


Access for Carotid Stenting

A case report involving a new device option.

By Gustav R. Eles, DO; Mark H. Wholey, MD; and Robert L. Maholic, DO


Aortic Therapy Using Iliac Limb Extensions Via Axillary Access

A novel technique for treating various aortic diseases and injury pathologies that may otherwise have been untreatable via an endovascular approach.

By Edward Woo, MD


Vertebral Augmentation Procedures for Compression Fractures

A look at one of a number of minimally invasive spinal techniques that have improved healthcare delivery.

By Mick Perez-Cruet, MD, MS

Reimbursement Realities for Percutaneous Vertebroplasty

What to expect when billing for this procedure.

By Robert V. Purtock, MD, PhD


Recent Progress and Current Trends in AV Access

An interview with Howard Katzman, MD, of VASA, regarding the role of the society, achieving viable access sites, and what the US can learn from Europe and Japan.

By An interview with Howard Katzman, MD

AV Fistula First Breakthrough Initiative

An update on the background, progress, and challenges facing Fistula First.

By Lawrence Spergel, MD, and Vickie Peters, RN

Freestanding Vascular Centers

Vascular centers are here to stay.

By James F. McGuckin, MD

Issues Germane to Tunneled Catheters

One center's experience.

By Gregg Miller, MD; Konstantin Khariton; and Naveen Goel, MD

Endovascular Repair of Hemodialysis Graft-Related Pseudoaneurysms

An alternative treatment strategy in pseudoaneurysm exclusion using endografts.

By Peter H. Lin, MD; Panagiotis Kougias, MD; Hosam F. El Sayed, MD; Tam T. Huynh, MD; and Michael B. Silva, Jr, MD


Internet Interventions Aid Endovascular Care

These digital instruments provide personalized and interactive care for the evolving healthcare marketplace.

By Barry T. Katzen, MD; Michael R. Jaff, DO; and L. Eleanor J. Herriman, MD, MBA

An Interview with K. Craig Kent, MD

The outgoing President of the SVS discusses the challenges facing vascular surgery, the role of the individual surgeon, and the bright future he sees for the specialty.

By K. Craig Kent, MD

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