September 2007



Wire-Interwoven Nitinol

A new class of stents may expand treatment options for patients with peripheral arterial disease.

By Craig M. Walker, MD

Catch the WAVE

A new trial cautions against combined antiplatelet therapy and anticoagulation in treating PAD.

By Ravi K. Veeraswamy, MD, and Ross Milner, MD

Carotid Artery Stenting Versus Carotid Endarterectomy

An appraisal of prospective randomized clinical trials.

By Peter H. Lin, MD; Tam T. Huynh, MD; Panagiotis Kougias, MD; and Hosam F. El-Sayed, MD

The Rise of the Registry

Of signal importance in carotid artery stenting.

By William A. Gray, MD

Barriers to Carotid Artery Stenting Dissemination

A look at the factors contributing to the slower-than-anticipated growth of carotid artery stenting in the US.

By Gary S. Roubin, MD, PHD

Asymptomatic CAS Trial Designs

John H. Rundback, MD, of the TACIT trial, and Sumaira Macdonald, MD, of ACST-2 discuss the necessary elements to evaluate the current state of care for treating asymptomatic carotid stenosis.

By John H. Rundback, MD and Sumaira Macdonald, MBChB (Comm.), FRCP, FRCR, PhD


Assessing Carotid Stenting

By Barry T. Katzen, MD, Chief Medical Editor

CREST Update

Meeting the challenges of a randomized clinical trial.

By Susan E. Hughes, BSN; MeeLee Tom, MS; Mary E. Longbottom, BA; Alice J. Sheffet, PhD; Thomas G. Brott, MD; and Robert W. Hobson II, MD

AneuRx® Stent Graft Clinical Update Vol. IV

Frank Arko, MD; Ali Azizzadeh, MD, FACS; and Rodney White, MD, discuss the AneuRx 5-year data, how they compare to their own experiences, and the future implications for physicians.

By Frank Arko, MD; Ali Azizzadeh, MD, FACS; and Rodney White, MD

An interview with Kenneth Ouriel, MD

From the Cleveland Clinic to Abu Dhabi, Dr. Ouriel discusses his new role, differences in device regulation, and the exciting pace at which medicine changes in the UAE.

By Kenneth Ouriel, MD

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