March 2008




Focus on Vascular Imaging

By Takao Ohki, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Editor


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Achieving Iliac Access for Endovascular Repair

The AneuRx AAAdvantage Stent Graft with the Xcelerant Hydro Delivery System: A case report.

By Clifford J. Buckley, MD, FACS, and Shirley D. Buckley, MSN, RN, CS


Optimal Imaging for Varicose Vein Procedures

Which modalities to use and why.

By José I. Almeida, MD, FACS, RVT

Building the Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic

How innovation, entrepreneurship, and effective marketing were keys to success.

By Andre Zollars

Catheter-Directed Sclerotherapy for Saphenous Vein Incompetence

An update on the recent progress and current areas of clinical study and development using this therapeutic option.

By Jose I. Almeida, MD, FACS, RVT, and Jeffrey K. Raines, PhD, RVT


Stent Placement in the Right Subclavian Artery

Treating a young woman's spontaneous dissection.

By Vinay Kumar, MD


Vascular Access Site Management

Can vascular access site complications be reduced?

By "Lisa" Hung Yu, MD, MBA; Benjamin W. Starnes, MD, FACS; Jean Starr, MD, FACS; and Frank R. Arko, MD


Peripheral Vascular CTA

Expanding the role of PV-CTA in the overall management of PVD.

By David E. Allie, MD; Raghotham R. Patlola, MD; Agostino Ingraldi, MD; Chris J. Hebert, RT(R), RCIS; and Craig M. Walker, MD

The Promise of MR for TEVAR and EVAR

Obtaining both force and anatomic imaging and how this might affect endovascular repair.

By Felix J.V. Schlösser, MD; Hamid R. Mojibian, MD; Hence J.M. Verhagen, MD, PhD; Frans L. Moll, MD, PhD; David Gortler, PharmD; and Bart E. Muhs, MD, PhD

Multimodality Imaging and Image-Guided Surgery

Advances in imaging provide physicians with the confidence to confront procedures previously thought impossible.

By Vikash R. Goel, MS; Anil Ambekar, MD; and Roy K. Greenberg, MD

Building a Modern Endovascular Suite

One hospital's experience provides the guidelines for the planning, designing, and construction of a state-of-the-art endovascular suite in an operating room theater.

By Marshall E. Benjamin, MD

Pros and Cons of IVUS Imaging for Endovascular Procedures

An overview of IVUS technology, discussing both its ideal uses and the potential drawbacks that must be considered.

By Takao Ohki, MD, PhD

MDCT Angiography to Assess Aortic Pathology and PAD

Diagnostic accuracy and improved spatial resolution make this an invaluable tool.

By Peter H. Lin, MD; Panagiotis Kougias, MD; Tam T. Huynh, MD; and Joseph S. Coselli, MD

The Catheterization Lab of the Future

An integrated interventional suite with a practical design and modern imaging equipment will save time and costs and will benefit patients and interventionists alike.

By Patrick Peeters, MD; Jürgen Verbist, MD; Koen Deloose, MD; and Marc Bosiers, MD


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The Cancion® System for Heart Failure

Procedural techniques for insertion and removal.

By Aaron Schoenkerman, MD; Laura Eaton, RN; Shawn Donnelly, RN; and Ernest Haeusslein, MD


Medical Device Labeling

Regulatory terminology associated with device labeling.

By Dorothy B. Abel and Angela C. Smith

An Interview with Manish Mehta, MD

A vascular surgeon and interventional vascular specialist describes his group's multidisciplinary approach to treating ruptured AAAs, stent graft improvements worth making, and how to build PAD awareness.


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