The Peripheral Vascular Surgery Society

A discussion with Tina R. Desai, MD, FACS, about the society's eligibility requirements, focus on all aspects of peripheral vascular care, and annual meetings.


When was the Peripheral Vascular Surgery Society (PVSS) founded and why?

The PVSS was founded in 1976 at the Peripheral Vascular Surgery Club. It was really the brainchild of Dr. Ben Eiseman, who realized that surgeons specifically trained in peripheral vascular disease management were coming out of fellowship, and he hoped to develop a forum for this newer generation of surgeons to interact.

What are the enrollment criteria? Is membership limited to surgeons?
Eligibility for membership in the PVSS requires:

  1. The completion of a residency review committee-accredited residency or fellowship in vascular surgery or a vascular residency program (non-US) recognized by the PVSS.
  2. Certification by the American Board of Surgery (or its equivalent) in vascular surgery.
  3. Submitting application within 12 years of vascular residency completion.
  4. A sustained major interest and the active practice of vascular surgery.

A candidate group for those involved in residency or fellowships is available. It is surgeon specific.

What is the purpose of the society?
The society's mission encompasses providing opportunities for those relatively early in their careers to engage in scientific, educational, and clinical endeavors to improve vascular and endovascular surgery. At the same time, the society desires to offer an arena for fellowship and camaraderie in all aspects of personal and professional life for its members.

Is the focus on endovascular procedures or both surgical and endovascular?
Focus within the society includes all aspects of peripheral vascular care. This includes open surgical, endovascular, and hybrid procedures, as well as clinical, translational and bench research dedicated to vascular care.

What is the purpose of the two annual meetings?
The Spring Meeting provides a scientific arena in which the members and guests can communicate their work before a large audience of professionals involved with vascular disease from around the country and the world. The Winter Meeting allows for this type of interaction in an environment in which members, guests, and their families can enjoy time getting to know each other better. The Winter Meeting traditionally centers around winter sporting and resort activities and is a highlight of our year.

How has the PVSS collaborated with other societies?
The PVSS Spring Meeting has become an integral part of our yearly vascular meeting. This has allowed for a fruitful relationship with The Society for Vascular Surgery. A PVSS representative sits on the Society for Vascular Surgery Board of Directors. The Winter Meeting has provided a forum for vascular education within the framework of the American College of Surgeons Continuing Medical Education program.

Tina R. Desai, MD, FACS, is the current PVSS President and is from the Section of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy at the University of Chicago in Illinois. Dr. Desai may be reached at (773) 702-6128.


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