September 2011


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Surveying the CAS Landscape

The datasets, guidelines, and regulatory and reimbursement decisions shaping the practice of carotid revascularization.




Surveying the CAS Landscape

By Sumaira Macdonald, MBChB (Comm.), FRCP, FRCR, PhD, and William A. Gray, MD


What Did We Learn From the Learning Curve?

Both United States and European datasets suggest that practice makes perfect for carotid artery stenting.

By Sumaira Macdonald, MBChB (Comm.), FRCP, FRCR, PhD

Worldwide CAS Practice in 2011

Comparing and contrasting the AHA, NICE, and ESVS guidelines.

By Simon K. Neequaye, BSc, MSc, MRCS; Alison W. Halliday, MS, FRCS; and Sumaira Macdonald, MBChB (Comm.), FRCP, FRCR, PhD

CREST: Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

CREST Principal Investigator Thomas G. Brott, MD, and Project Director Alice Sheffet, PhD, address a few of the common questions regarding the landmark carotid revascularization trial.

Carotid Artery Stenting for Standard-Surgical-Risk Patients

Implications of the new FDA approval in the United States.

By Chuck Simonton, MD, and Patrick Verta, MD

Will CREST Save CAS?

A look at the reimbursement history of carotid stenting in the United States, as well as the potential impact of CMS’s next move.

By Randel Richner, MPH, and Daniel Tuden, PhD

Myocardial Infarction After CAS and CEA: Why Does It Matter?

Clinical or subclinical MI predicts mortality after carotid intervention and should be included in the primary endpoint composite of carotid trials.

By Peter Kan, MD, MPH; Travis M. Dumont, MD; Adib A. Anla, MD; Adnan H. Siddiqui, MD, PhD; Elad I. Levy, MD; and L. Nelson Hopkins, MD


Sponsored by Endologix, Inc.

Initial Experience With AFX

Advanced Anatomical Fixation

By Matthew Jung, MD


CO2 Angiography in Lower Extremity Arterial Disease

Techniques for improving safety and efficacy in the use of carbon dioxide as a contrast agent for evaluation and treatment of lower extremity arterial disease.

By Jason Q. Alexander, MD


Flow Diversion for Intracranial Aneurysms

A brief look at the development of these devices and their potential utility in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms.

By Giuseppe Lanzino, MD



A preview of today’s new products

An Interview With Steve Elias, MD

Director and Founder of the Annual Fellows Course in Venous Disease shares his thoughts on the growing venous intervention arena in terms of physician education and how to integrate this specialty into your practice.


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