September 2012


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The Thoracic Challenge

Aortic specialists share creative approaches to difficult thoracic presentations.



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A Decade Hand in Hand With the Rise of Endovascular Therapy

By Takao Ohki, MD, PhD


TEVAR With Surgical Brachiocephalic Debranching

Facilitating safe repair of complex pathology.

By Timothy M. Sullivan, MD, FACS, FSVM, FACC

The Sandwich Approach to TAAA Treatment

An innovative endovascular alternative for TAAA patients who are not candidates for open repair.

By Scott M. Damrauer, MD, and Edward Y. Woo, MD

Ruptured Descending Aortic Dissection

An innovative endovascular solution using the chimney TEVAR technique.

By Felix J. V. Schlösser, MD, PhD; Hamid R. Mojibian, MD; and Bart E. Muhs, MD, PhD

MRSA Mycotic Aortitis After Complicated Type B Aortic Dissection

A unique case with an unusual solution.

By Charles Acher, MD, and Martha Wynn, MD

3D Navigation in Complex TEVAR

A case report demonstrating the benefits of a three-dimensional endovascular guiding system.

By Lieven Maene, MD; Roel Beelen, MD; Patrick Peeters, MD; Jürgen Verbist, MD; Koen Keirse, MD; Koen Deloose, MD; Joren Callaert, MD; and Marc Bosiers, MD

Alternative TEVAR Access

A novel approach for patients in whom femoral artery access is not a viable option.

By Babatunde Yerokun; Mark J. Russo, MD, MS; and Ross Milner, MD

Overcoming the Unexpected

A case report that demonstrates the unforeseen challenges and complications that can be encountered when treating thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms.

By Marjolein J.M. Morak, MD; Sander ten Raa, MD, PhD; Frederico Bastos Goncalves, MD; and Hence J.M. Verhagen, MD, PhD

Challenging TEVAR Access

Use of a carotid approach during thoracic endovascular aortic repair.

By L. Mariano Ferreira, MD; Sergio Escordamaglia, MD; and A. Ricardo La Mura, MD


Sponsored by Boston Scientific Corporation

Breaking Through the Challenge of Chronic Total Occlusions

By Stephen B. Williams, MD, MPH


PTA for Upper Limb Ischemia and Giant-Cell Arteritis

An alternative approach to treating this rare presentation in patients who are refractory to medical therapy.

By Catalina Sánchez-Álvarez; Erik Stilp, MD; and Carlos Mena-Hurtado, MD, FACC, FSCAI


Sponsored by Terumo Interventional Systems, Inc.

The SoloPath Balloon-Expandable Sheath

Dr. Erin M. Moore discusses a better way to place thoracic and infrarenal aortic endografts with potentially less vessel trauma, which may increase the patient potential for minimally invasive treatment.
With Erin M. Moore, MD, FACS


Foreign Body Contamination During Interventional Procedures

An underrecognized factor that can cause catastrophic complications.

By John R. Laird, MD; Nick Cavros, MD, FACC; Robert Gallino, MD; Daniel McCormick, DO, FACC, FSCAI; Kelly W. Elliott, RN, MS; and Marsha Holton, CCRN, RCIS, FSICP



An Interview With Peter Gloviczki, MD

Dr. Gloviczki discusses his goals as SVS President and treatment strategies for varicose veins and DVT.


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