October 2012


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Carotid Revascularization

Advancement Through Collaboration



Improving Carotid Revascularization Outcomes Through Collaboration

By Sumaira Macdonald, MBChB (Comm.), FRCP, FRCR, PhD, and William A. Gray, MD


Standardizing Excellent CAS Outcomes

Tools and strategies for improving procedural outcomes and generalizability.

By Willem Willaert, MD, PhD, and Isabelle Van Herzeele, MD, PhD

CAS Technology Advancement

The opportunity to improve outcomes with new device approaches.

By Sumaira Macdonald, MBChB (Comm.), FRCP, FRCR, PhD

Remaining Carotid Questions

Perspectives on the progress and shortcomings of current carotid revascularization methods and concerns that must be answered before the medical community can unite on standards of care.

By Joshua A. Beckman, MD, MS, and William A. Gray, MD

Enhancing Carotid Endarterectomy

Like its interventional counterpart, open surgical carotid revascularization has also seen technical improvements, including the mini-incision Jikei method.

By Takao Ohki, MD, PhD

The Asymptomatic Carotid Surgery Trial 2

Background and aims of the ACST-2 study.

By Sumaira Macdonald, MBChB (Comm.), FRCP, FRCR, PhD, and Alison W. Halliday, MS, FRCS

The Second European Carotid Surgery Trial

The new ECST-2 is a randomized clinical trial that will compare medical therapy alone with CEA or CAS for patients with asymptomatic and symptomatic carotid artery stenosis using a new measure called the Carotid Artery Risk Score.

By Roland L. Featherstone, PhD, and Martin M. Brown, MA, MD, FRCP


An Uncommon Approach Through a Profunda Collateral

Utilizing a transcollateral approach to revascularize a superficial femoral artery chronic total occlusion.

By Michael J. Pompliano, BS, and George L. Adams, MD, MHS, FACC


Percutaneous Recanalization of a Previously Ligated IVC

In selected patients, percutaneous recanalization of a surgically ligated IVC can offer an endovascular alternative to open surgery.

By Jose A. Echeverri, MD; Gregory L. Horsley, MD; Lawrence D. Buadu, MD, PhD; and John Buterbaugh, MD


Sponsored by Endologix, Inc.

The Narrow Distal Aorta

A risk factor for limb occlusion and an anatomic challenge for endograft selection.

By Peter R. Nelson, MD, MS, and Nikhil Kansal, MD



An Interview With Desmond Bell, DPM, CWS

With PAD awareness still not where it needs to be in the public eye, wound care expert and SALSAL cofounder Dr. Bell shares how he got started in this role and what can be done to optimize care for these patients.


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