March 2013


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The Future of Health Care and Innovation

A candid look at how regulation, reimbursement, and new legislation affect vascular care and technology.



Guest Chief Medical Editor’s Page

The Challenge of Change—Is Innovation Slipping Away?

By Michael R. Jaff, DO

Cover Stories

2013 and Beyond: The Outlook for Endovascular Services

Recent trends and future trajectory for procedure volumes and reimbursement in a value-based market.

By Brian Contos

The Affordable Care Act and Physician Economics

What US practices should know about quality reporting, reimbursement changes, and more.

By Katharine Krol, MD, FSIR, FACR

Measuring Value in Today’s Health Care Climate

Michael R. Jaff, DO, interviews Gary Gottlieb, MD, CEO of Partners HealthCare, to discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act, changes in reimbursement, and how they affect academic medical centers and physicians.

Managing the Tough Choices Ahead

Sean Lyden, MD, a physician with both clinical and supply chain expertise, shares thoughts on how the Affordable Care Act and regulatory and reimbursement challenges could affect vascular practices.

FDA Response to Medical Device Regulatory Challenges

A description of initiatives designed to expedite the review process.

By Dorothy B. Abel; Andrew Farb; and Megan Moynahan

MEDCAC Goals and Proceedings

Michael R. Jaff, DO, interviews Louis Jacques, MD, Director of the Coverage and Analysis Group in the Centers for Clinical Standards and Quality at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Regulatory and Reimbursement Ripple Effects

Health care industry expert Randel Richner discusses the effect the Affordable Care Act could have on practices and device innovation, as well as the need for faster routes to approval and reimbursement in the United States.

Forces Affecting Medical Device Innovation in the US

A perspective from one of the field’s foremost physician-inventors, Thomas J. Fogarty, MD.

Renewing the Spirit of Innovation in Vascular Medical Technologies

Startups, investors, and the role of government in the medical device market.

By Fred Khosravi

The Future of Physician-Industry Collaboration

AdvaMed’s Code of Ethics seeks to provide physicians and industry with the room to collaborate while assuring the public of the transparency and integrity of that relationship.

By Tammy Leitsinger

Navigating the Modern Physician-Industry Relationship

Steven J. Cagnetta, Esq, and Steven K. Ladd of Primacea describe the problems and pathways for physicians to manage their industry relationships under the bright lights of the Sunshine Act.



An Interview With Scott Goodwin, MD

The SIR President-Elect shares his insights on the future of uterine artery embolization and the field of interventional radiology as a whole.


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