September 2013


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Expanding EVAR Safely

How a truly low-profile system with novel sealing technology is advancing EVAR.



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Expanding EVAR Safely

With worldwide experience and promising outcomes of the global clinical trial, it is clear the next-generation Ovation™ endograft will accommodate a wider range of AAA patients with difficult anatomy.

By Manish Mehta, MD, MPH

Aortic Neck Dilatation: Causes and Effects

A look at the mechanisms of aortic neck dilatation and how they can be overcome with new technology.

By Sean P. Lyden, MD

Rethinking the Concept of Aortic Neck Length

Will the concept of proximal aortic neck length become obsolete as aortic endograft designs incorporate new sealing technologies?

By Jennifer L. Ash, MD; Nabeel R. Rana, MD; Ravishankar Hasanadka, MD; and Syed M. Hussain, MD

Overcoming the Challenges of Access and Seal

The Arizona Heart experience with the Ovation Prime™ stent graft system.

By Venkatesh G. Ramaiah, MD, FACS; Ayman Jamal, MD; and Mohammed Jabr, MD

A Less-Invasive Protocol for EVAR

Can lower-profile endografts improve the safety and efficiency of EVAR?

By Zvonimir Krajcer, MD

The Genesis of the Ovation Prime™ Abdominal Stent Graft Platform

Employing requirements-driven design and physical principles to engineer a new generation of EVAR therapy.

By Michael V. Chobotov, PhD

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