September 2015


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In The Office

Practical insights for providing safe and efficient vascular care in an office-based setting.




In the Office

By Krishna M. Jain, MD, Guest Chief Medical Editor

Cover Stories

The Role of Industry in the Office-Based Lab

How an ethical collaboration between device manufacturers and office-based vascular labs can provide quality health care and improved efficiency.

By Krishna M. Jain, MD, and John Munn, MD

An Update on the Economic Viability of Freestanding Centers

As CMS refines reimbursement policies, how do office-based vascular labs fit into the evolving payment models?

By Katharine L. Krol, MD, FSIR, FACR, and Gerald Niedzwiecki, MD, FSIR

Update on OEIS: Focusing on Safety Initiatives for Office-Based Labs

An overview of practice standards and the importance of accreditation.

By Sam S. Ahn, MD, FACS, on behalf of the OEIS Board of Directors

Venous Center Accreditation

A pathway to improved quality of care.

By John Blebea, MD, MBA

Office-Based Venous Care: Deep and Superficial

A brief review of available therapies for venous conditions and commentary on current reimbursement for services.

By Jose I. Almeida, MD, FACS, RPVI, RVT

The Vascular Quality Initiative Varicose Vein Registry

The new VQI Varicose Vein Registry is establishing ties with electronic medical record companies to support office-based venous procedures.

By Thomas W. Wakefield, MD; Jose I. Almeida, MD, FACS, RPVI, RVT; and Lowell S. Kabnick, MD, RPhS, FACS, FACVLM

Expanding PAD Treatment Options in Office Interventional Suites Using Alternative Access Sites

Insights and tips on using retrograde tibiopedal and radial access in an office setting.

By Daniel Johnston, MD; Mark Rummel, MD; Syed Alam, MD; Krishna M. Jain, MD; and John Munn, MD

Featured Technology

Sponsored by Medtronic

How We Incorporated the VenaSeal™ Closure System Into Our Vein Practice

Insights from one center’s firsthand experience.

By David M. Liu, MD, FRCPC, FSIR; Darren Klass, MD, FRCPC, PhD; John Chung, MD, FRCPC; and Joel Gagnon, MD, FRCPC

Vessel Update: AAA

Lessons From the PERICLES Registry on Complex Aortic Repair

Investigators Konstantinos P. Donas, MD, and Edward Y. Woo, MD, discuss the data from a multicenter European and United States registry of snorkel/chimney technique applications.

With Konstantinos P. Donas, MD, and Edward Y. Woo, MD



A preview of today's new products.

An Interview With Frank J. Veith, MD

A pioneer in vascular surgery and medical education reflects on changes in the open-endovascular tide and what makes a great meeting, as well as a preview of VEITHsymposium 2015.


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