January 2016


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The Need to More Efficiently Treat Large Vein Thrombus

Conceptualizing the new 8-F AngioJet™ ZelanteDVT™ Catheter.

By Mark Hilse, MS

Endovascular Management of Deep Vein Thrombosis: An Expert Panel Discussion

Endovascular Today met with a multidisciplinary panel of venous experts to discuss the current status of DVT treatment in the United States and abroad and how the field has evolved in the last 10 years.

With Mark Garcia, MD, MS, FSIR; Nils Kucher, MD; Robert A. Lookstein, MD; Gerard O’Sullivan, MD; and Jeffrey Y. Wang, MD

Case Report: Significant Removal of Fresh Large-Vessel Thrombus With the New 8-F AngioJet™ ZelanteDVT™ Catheter

By Eric G. Schoch, MD; Christoph A. Binkert, MD, MBA

Case Report: The ZelanteDVT™ Thrombectomy Catheter for Venous Thrombosis Extending From the Popliteal to External Iliac Vein

By Jeffrey Y. Wang, MD, FACS

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