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Where Are We Headed With the Treatment of Type B Aortic Dissection?

By Christoph A. Nienaber, MD, PhD

Timing of TEVAR Treatment

When should treatment occur in acute, initially uncomplicated type B aortic dissection?

By Michael D. Dake, MD

Distal Stent Graft–Induced New Entry

The current paradigm and future management of dSINE.

By Hung-Lung Hsu, MD; and Chun-Che Shih, MD, PhD

Seeing the Signs

The top precursors/predictors for earlier endovascular treatment versus medical management of type B aortic dissection.

By Worawong Slisatkorn, MD

Treating Complicated Acute Type B Aortic Dissection With Proximal Stent Grafts and Distal Bare Stents

Bare aortic stents can expand the true lumen immediately and result in early favorable aortic remodeling.

By Jer-Shen Chen, MD

Exploring the Use of Bare Stents in the Treatment of Type B Dissection

Understanding the effects on aortic remodeling and malperfusion.

By Jonathan Sobocinski, MD, PhD; Nuno V. Dias, MD, PhD; Rachel Clough, MD, PhD; and Stéphan Haulon, MD, PhD

Toward the Uniluminal State

Evolving concepts in the endovascular elimination of aortic dissection.

By Peter Mossop, MD; and Ian Nixon, MD

TEVAR for Chronic Type B Aortic Dissection

A discussion of therapeutic strategies for chronic type B aortic dissection, avoiding expansion of the false lumen, and treatment with endovascular therapy.

By Masaaki Kato, MD

Postdissection Aneurysms

Devices and techniques for treating this condition.

By George N. Kouvelos, MD; Tilo Kölbel, MD, PhD; Athanasios Katsargyris, MD; Nikolaos Tsilimparis, MD, PhD; Kyriakos Oikonomou, MD; and Eric L.G. Verhoeven, MD, PhD

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