July 2016


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Mastering Venous Care

Specialists from multiple disciplines aim for a venous renaissance.


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Mastering Venous Care

By Neil M. Khilnani, MD; and Gerard O’Sullivan, MD


Current Considerations in Venous Obstruction and Stenting

Key elements in recanalization and stenting in the chronically occluded IVC and iliac vein systems.

With Haraldur Bjarnason, MD; Stephen Black, FRCS (Ed), MD, FEBVS; Mahmood K. Razavi, MD, FSIR, FSVM; Erin H. Murphy, MD; and Rick de Graaf, MD, PhD

Treating DVT Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Keys to efficient time and resource management while providing quality deep vein thrombosis care.

With Lawrence “Rusty” Hofmann, MD; and Jeffrey Wang, MD

Imaging the Deep Venous System

Utilizing the available imaging modalities to improve patient selection for interventional treatment.

By Carsten W.K.P. Arnoldussen, MD

C-TRACT: What We’ve Learned About DVT Trial Design

Dr. Suresh Vedantham discusses his experience with C-TRACT and other DVT trials and their potential implications on future trial design and treatment standards.

With Suresh Vedantham, MD

Establishing a Pulmonary Embolism Response Team

Experts share their advice on the best approach to forming a “PERT” and discuss the benefits that they can offer.

With Ido Weinberg, MD; Michael R. Jaff, DO; James Horowitz, MD; Oren Friedman, MD; Ronald Winokur, MD; Akhilesh Sista, MD; and Keith M. Sterling, MD

Filter Retrieval Programs: What’s Working?

A look at the current use of IVC filters and methods for improving retrieval rates.

With Robert K. Ryu, MD, FSIR; Robert J. Lewandowski, MD, FSIR; Kush R. Desai, MD; Ido Weinberg, MD; Michael R. Jaff, DO; Antonios Gasparis, MD; Pamela Kim, MD; Kristan Probeck, ANP-C; Doreen Elitharp, ANP-C; and Nicos Labropoulos, PhD

What Strategies Would Encourage Appropriate Utilization of IVC Filters?

The co-primary investigators of the PRESERVE trial offer their opinions on how an alternate payment model would affect filter use and if evidence gaps or lags are to blame for overuse.

With Matthew S. Johnson, MD, FSIR; and David L. Gillespie, MD, RVT, FACS

Incorporating Nontumescent Ablation Into Your Practice

New techniques for superficial venous disease offer advantages, but reimbursement issues raise challenges for adoption.

By Kathleen Gibson, MD


Sponsored by Medtronic

The VenaSeal™ System in Clinical Practice

A discussion with two venous experts on incorporating this minimally invasive procedure into their armamentarium.

With Jeffrey Carr, MD, FACC; and Jennifer Watson, MD, RPVI
Sponsored by BTG International

Treating the Underlying Disease

Using Varithena® to aggressively treat CEAP 5/6 venous insufficiency.

By Paramjit Chopra, MD; and Brian L. Ferris, MD


Sponsored by Boston Scientific Corporation

The Eluvia™ Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System

New techniques and devices are extending the range of patients who can be treated by endovascular means.

With Athanasios Diamantopoulos, MD, PhD, EBIR; Theodosios Bisdas, MD, PhD; and Giovanni Torsello, MD, PhD


Sponsored by Penumbra, Inc.

Indigo Percutaneous Mechanical Thrombectomy System

Experts discuss a potential paradigm shift in acute clot management in venous and arterial occlusions.

With Michael Lichtenberg, MD, FESC; Theodosios Bisdas, MD; Jos C. van den Berg, MD, PhD; Yann Le Bras, MD; Francois Petitpierre, MD; and Florian Wolf, MD, MBA, EBIR, EBCR



An Interview With Robert Morgan, MRCP, FRCR, EBIR

The Vice President of CIRSE discusses the upcoming conference, the Interdisciplinary Endovascular Aortic Symposium, and the European Board of Interventional Radiology qualification.


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