August 2016


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Toward Radiation Safety

Examining what we know–and what we don't–about the risks associated with image-guided intervention.


Guest Medical Editor’s Page

Toward Radiation Safety

By John A. Kaufman, MD, MS


A Field Guide to Radiation Safety Terminology

An overview of key radiation dosimetric quantities and terms.

By Robert G. Dixon, MD, FSIR, and Kent M. Ogden, PhD, DABR

Minimizing Radiation Risk to Patients and Staff

The ultimate goal of radiation protection in fluoroscopically guided interventional procedures is optimizing the administered radiation dose.

By Gabriel Bartal, MD, FCIRSE, FSIR; Eliseo Vañó, PhD; Graciano Paulo, PhD; and Ariel Roguin, MD, PhD

Radiation and Your Brain

Possible measures to reduce radiation exposure in the cath lab.

By Ariel Roguin, MD, PhD, and Gabriel Bartal, MD, FCIRSE, FSIR

Brain Tumors, Interventionists, and Radiation: How Real Is the Risk?

Weighing the available evidence on dosimetry, epidemiologic data, and cellular and vascular effects to evaluate risk.

By Rebecca M. Marsh, PhD, and Michael Silosky, MS

Radiation Safety Considerations for the Female Interventionist

Data show that practicing while pregnant is safe, and common sense techniques will help keep it that way.

By Christine Ghatan, MD, and Nishita Kothary, MD, FSIR

Cataract Development in Vascular Intervention

An analysis of risk and the appropriate preventive measures.

By Kevin Seals, MD; Harry Trieu, BS; Stephen Kee, MD; and Edward Wolfgang Lee, MD, PhD

Radiation Risk to Radiographers: What We Know

Best practices to optimize radiation protection.

By Graciano Paulo, PhD; Gabriel Bartal, MD, FCIRSE, FSIR; and Eliseo Vañó, PhD


Sponsored by Philips Volcano

The Benefits of Office-Based Labs

A panel shares insights into using office-based labs to plan for the future.

With R. Stephan Kiesz, MD, FACC, FESC, FSCAI; James F. McGuckin Jr, MD; and Paul J. Gagne, MD, FACS, RVT


Five Essential Components to Deep Venous Care

By Jeffrey Wang, MD

Five Essential Components to Treating Peripheral Artery Disease and Critical Limb Ischemia

By Nicholas J. Petruzzi, MD; Lori Richwine, DO; Rajesh Patel, MD; and Michael Schmidling, MD


Sponsored by Spectranetics Corporation

Treatment of Complex Femoropopliteal Lesions Using the Turbo-Power Excimer Laser

Targeting ISR, chronic total occlusions, and heavy thrombus burden with laser atherectomy.

By Ehrin J. Armstrong, MD, MSc


Registry Assessment of Peripheral Interventional Devices (RAPID)

Developing a minimum core dataset for total product life cycle device evaluation across multiple data sources: a step toward establishing a National Evaluation System for Health Technology for peripheral intervention devices.

By Jose Pablo Morales, MD; Jack Cronenwett, MD; and Robert Thatcher, MBA; on behalf of the RAPID Project Collaborators


Major Payment Policy Reform on the Near Horizon

Understanding the new system and adapting your practice for reporting and documentation.

By Katharine L. Krol, MD, FSIR, FACR


Interview With William J. Mack, MD

Dr. Mack discusses the recent SNIS annual meeting and the continued goals in the field of neurointerventional stroke care.


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