BTG and Mirada Medical’s Simplicit90Y Dosimetry Software Approved in Europe


October 14, 2016—BTG plc and Mirada Medical Ltd. announced European CE Mark certification for Simplicit90Y yttrium-90 (Y-90) dosimetry software. The software is designed to optimize the planning of Y-90 selective internal radiation therapy and facilitate personalized treatment for patients with liver cancer. Simplicit90Y was recently approved in Canada, noted the companies.

The Simplicit90Y is a stand-alone software device intended for use by nuclear medicine or radiology practitioners for display, processing, and reporting of data, including planar scans (static, whole body) and tomographic scans acquired by gamma cameras or positron emission tomographic scanners. Physicians can use the system for viewing and assessing image data for general clinical diagnostic purposes with additional features and optimized workflow for Y-90 dosimetry.

The companies stated that Simplicit90Y provides digital processing, review, and reporting of medical images with options for data display, quality control, image manipulation, and quantification analysis. The combination of these features is intended to allow for more standardized and consistent dosimetry planning and posttreatment validation, as well as the ability to personalize treatment for each patient.

In the companies’ announcement, Etienne Garin, MD, commented, “Dosimetry can be a time-intensive and complex process, and Simplicit90Y simplifies both dosimetry planning and posttreatment validation. Knowing you can use this intuitive software to help deliver a more personalized treatment for each patient, achieving the best dose of Y-90 radiation to the tumor while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue, gives physicians more confidence.” Prof. Garin is Chair and Professor of Nuclear Medicine at the Centre Eugène Marquis cancer institute in Rennes, France.


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