Centurion's Smart Kit Introduced for Radial Artery Catheterization


March 15, 2017—​Centurion Medical Products announced the launch of its Smart Kit for radial arterial catheterization. According to Centurion, the Smart Kit is designed to improve hospital arterial line placement protocols and budgets by decreasing procedure preparation time, eliminating wasted materials, and advancing innovation that may reduce infection risk.

The company noted that stock trays often include components that are not used in a hospital’s protocol while missing others that will be needed during each procedure. Alternatively, assembling kits in-house is time-consuming and may inadvertently introduce pathogens into the sterile field. Centurion Medical Products collaborated with doctors and nurses to develop smarter kits for radial arterial line that provide everything a clinician needs to prepare the patient and place and secure the line, from start to finish.

Centurion's Smart Kit includes an exclusive adjustable armboard for quick wrist positioning, a dual perforated fenestrated drape that creates a maximal barrier while reducing the risk of accidentally disrupting the line, the Centurion radial arterial line with removable guidewire and DualFlash technology that rapidly confirms flashback and helps avert transfixing the artery, the ClearShield sterile saline syringe that prevents possible field contamination from the introduction of a nonsterile flush, and Centurion’s SorbaView Shield securement dressing that secures the line and preserves the site, the company stated.


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