Early Data Reported From Vascular Quality Initiative's Varicose Vein Registry


April 12, 2017—The Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) announced that the new Varicose Vein Registry has started to produce useful outcomes information. The report, "First 10-Month Results of the Vascular Quality Initiative Varicose Vein Registry," was published by Andrea T. Obi, MD, et al in the Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders (2017;5:312–320).

Thomas Wakefield, MD, who developed the report with Dr. Obi, commented in the SVS announcement, “The power in the registry resides in the ability to look at a large and varied data set with importantly defined and relevant physician-generated granular endpoints and patient reported outcomes (PROs).”

The registry was launched in January 2015 to systematically track the outcomes of various treatments for varicose veins, ultimately providing guidance for both consumers and treating physicians. Along with Jose I. Almeida, MD, and Lowell Kabnick, MD, Dr. Wakefield previously detailed the background, goals, and methods of the VQI Varicose Vein Registry in the September 2015 edition of Endovascular Today.

SVS stated that the journal article examines the early data of the registry. The series included 1,406 patients undergoing venous ablations and phlebectomy. Overall, the reported outcomes were excellent, with significantly improved clinical classification (CEAP) along with “much improved” PROs. Importantly, the complication rates, including infection and venous thrombosis, were 1% or less.

With governmental incentives for quality reporting, there is a pressing need for data in this evolving field. Although the database is in its early stages, it is clear it will bear important fruit for both patients and clinicians looking for the best, proven venous treatments available, advised SVS.

The SVS Patient Safety Organization (PSO) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SVS, and provides oversight of data-sharing arrangements, key outcome and quality measures, and dissemination of information to participating providers. Collaborative organizations include the American Venous Forum and the Society for Vascular Medicine. In addition, the PSO has partnered with M2S, Inc. to provide secure, cloud-based data management.

The Vascular Quality Initiative (VQI), a joint venture of the SVS and M2S, collects and analyzes data to improve the quality of vascular care. Currently, VQI has 410 facilities, 3,000 participating physicians, and more than 360,000 vascular procedures reported. The VQI includes 12 procedure-based registries and is a collaboration between 17 regional groups that use a PSO and the M2S Pathways cloud-based system.


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