Jeti Thrombectomy System

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  • Thrombus removal in all peripheral vasculature (arterial and venous)
  • Over-the-wire guidewire sizes between 0.014 and 0.035 inches
  • 8-F (100-cm working length) sheath size
  • Clot Detect sensing audibly alerts user to catheter flow status
  • HyperPulse lytic delivery enabled*

Walk Vascular, LLC has received US Food and Drug Administration and European CE Mark approval for the Jeti Thrombectomy System, a device purpose-built to treat the toughest peripheral clot. A powerfully focused saline jet, positioned just within the distal catheter tip, rapidly macerates and aspirates thrombus from target vessels, without resultant hemolysis. Jeti is equipped with innovative technology including Clot Detect sensing that audibly communicates aspirate flow status and is designed to improve procedural efficiency and minimize blood loss. The HyperPulse feature also enables intraprocedural thrombolytic infusion.

“Jeti supports the preferred approach to thrombus—single-session treatment with the goal of fewer postprocedure thrombolytics and achieving maximal clot clearance. Jeti is a safe, next-generation device taking a large step in that direction,” said Mahmood Razavi, MD, vascular and interventional specialist at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, California. The Jeti platform has been validated in more than 120 arterial and venous cases in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

*CE Mark approved only, not yet approved by US Food and Drug Administration.



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  • Crosses chronic total occlusions without a wire
  • Tracks the true lumen
  • Fast ablation
  • Effective in all significant lower vessels
  • Works on all lesion types

DABRA is an effective, safe, and versatile catheter and excimer laser system designed for the treatment of arterial blockages in the lower vessels.

The DABRA catheter is a single-use catheter that tracks the true lumen and tends not to go into the subintimal space. It is a forward cutter that completely ablates all types of vessel occlusions. The excimer laser power source produces 308-nm photons that photochemically ablate arterial blockages reducing calcium, thrombus, and atheroma into their fundamental chemistry, minimizing downstream debris. The laser is small, plugs into a standard outlet, and is ready to treat in 4 minutes.

“The DABRA catheter is unique in its ability to cross chronic total occlusions without having to cross the lesion with a wire, and it also debulks and modifies arterial blockages, making it an invaluable clinical tool,” said Ehtisham Mahmud, MD, FACC, FSCAI, who is with University of California San Diego Cardiovascular Clinic in San Diego, California.

The pivotal study results demonstrated 95% success with no adverse events. DABRA is available in the United States and CE Mark countries.


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