Applying Evidence in Interventional Oncology

By Nadine Abi-Jaoudeh, MD; and Julius Chapiro, MD

Interventional oncology is a rapidly growing field within interventional radiology that aspires to become one of the pillars of oncologic care, alongside surgical, medical, and radiation oncology. Technologic innovation and successful translation from bench to bedside brought about the birth and fast growth of interventional radiology.

The specialty continues to flourish with a new residency to train clinicians well equipped to manage all aspects of patient care. Our field is undoubtedly one of the most innovative, fast-paced specialties in medicine. In oncology specifically, exciting new horizons, such as immunotherapies, artificial intelligence, and image-guidance technologies, are expanding the breadth of therapeutic options. Despite the well-justified optimism, we continue to face challenges.

In times of an unparalleled, historic transformation of medical care and fiscal rationalization pressures, patient satisfaction and evidence-based practice will continue to be our most valid arguments in our struggle for recognition. We must continuously renew and broaden our knowledge of disease processes and speak the language of our sister disciplines, know national guidelines, and be familiar with the cutting-edge care in other fields. Therefore, understanding the respective literature and the therapeutic options they offer compared with our procedures are essential.

With this in mind, we devote this special issue of Endovascular Today to the topic of Oncology. We seek to present the readership with a rich variety of different perspectives from all interventional oncology pillars and opinions on available trial data dealing with the most commonly encountered conditions in our practice. We will further outline and highlight the novel horizons that will define the future of our profession in the next decade. It is with deep gratitude to our contributing expert faculty that we wish the readers to be enlightened and inspired by the content of this issue.

Nadine Abi-Jaoudeh, MD
Julius Chapiro, MD
Guest Chief Medical Editors


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