Cook Medical Launches 2.6-F CXI Support Catheter With Platinum-Iridium Markers


April 10, 2019—Cook Medical announced the launch of the company's new 2.6-F CXI support catheter with platinum-iridium marker bands, now available in the United States and Canada. The new 2.6-F CXI features additional tip configurations and a new 135-cm length, which provides another option for coaxial use with a 90-cm, 4-F CXI device.

According to Cook Medical, CXI can be used in small vessel or superselective anatomy for diagnostic and interventional procedures, including the peripheral anatomy. The platinum-iridium bands provide enhanced visibility under fluoroscopy.

CXI was first launched 8 years ago. Platinum marker bands have been available on the 2.3-F platform of the CXI catheter.

The company stated that the CXI device's stainless steel braid provides responsive torque and pushability. A hydrophilic coating on the distal 40 cm further enhances pushability and increases trackability. Radiopaque bands at the tip and at 5, 10, and 15 cm enhance visualization, allowing measurement of vessel segments. Exterior depth markers show progression into the sheath.

Additionally, the 2.3-F and 2.6-F sizes can fit coaxially in the 4-F size to increase the amount of support. The smaller sizes can also pass through the Micropuncture pedal access set and can fit in any catheter that has a 0.035-inch lumen, advised Cook Medical.


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