Medtronic Launches Solitaire X Revascularization Device in United States


April 30, 2019—Medtronic announced the commercial launch of the company’s Solitaire X revascularization device in the United States. Solitaire X is a fourth-generation revascularization device that incorporates an optimized delivery system to improve efficiency while retaining the technical features of the previous-generation Solitaire revascularization device.

According to Medtronic, the Solitaire X device mechanically removes blood clots from blocked vessels in the brain to restore blood flow in patients who experience an acute ischemic stroke with large vessel occlusion.

In addition to the launch of Solitaire X, Medtronic also introduced the Phenom 21 catheter to facilitate the delivery of all sizes of the Solitaire X device. The Phenom 21 catheter is a 160-cm microcatheter that, when combined with Solitaire X, provides a low clot-crossing profile and smooth delivery to occlusions in the distal vessels as small as 2 mm.

"As a long-time Solitaire user, I am impressed with the ease of the Solitaire X delivery," said Reza Jahan, MD, Professor of Radiology and Neurosurgery at UCLA in Los Angeles, California. "I find that the Solitaire X 6 X 40 [-mm] device combined with Phenom 21 catheter provides smooth navigation, especially when working with complicated anatomy."


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