GaltVTI Valved Introducer Sheath

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  • Leak-resistant hemostatic valve
  • Available with or without a side port
  • Variety of sizes and lengths

Galt Medical Corporation (Garland, TX) announced the GaltVTI valved introducer sheath, which features a hemostatic valve that is leak resistant. The device achieves an acceptable insertion force and features a compact design with an ergonomic, low-profile integrated valve for introducing or providing access for other medical devices to enter into a patient's vascular system. Available with or without a side port, GaltVTI is available in a variety of sizes and lengths.

MIV Radial Ventriculogram Catheter

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  • Designed for radial access
  • Variety of sizes and curve lengths
  • Compatible with 0.038-inch guidewire

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. (South Jordan, UT) announced the MIV Radial Ventriculogram Catheter, designed specifically for radial access. The catheter is angled toward the left cusp from the radial approach to facilitate easier insertion into the ventricle for faster access and decreased catheter manipulation, which can lead to reduced fluoroscopy and procedure time.

RapidCross Rapid Exchange PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

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  • Kink-resistant rapid exchange port withstands tortuosity
  • Longer, 170-cm catheter length offers improved distal access
  • Low-profile design enables crossing and treatment of the tightest lesions

Covidien (Mansfield, MA) introduces the new RapidCross rapid exchange (RX) percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) balloon. The RapidCross balloon is designed exclusively for below-the-knee (BTK) use with its low-profile tip, robust, kink-resistant RX port, and long, 170-cm catheter length.

“The RapidCross balloon helps reduce procedure time with the convenience of rapid exchange. Even more important is the length of the balloon's RX port, which allows you to access taller patients and go deeper into the arch,” said Dr. Mahir Elder, an interventional cardiologist at the Heart and Vascular Institute in Dearborn, MI. “With the extended shaft length, long RX port, and excellent pushability, this is the best RX BTK balloon I have used.”

The balloon delivers smooth crossing with its proprietary lubricious coating, and up to two-to-three-times faster deflation than competitive products, for increased efficiency. To address the common problem of kinking with RX balloons in BTK lesions, Covidien designed this balloon with a unique in-line RX port for optimal kink resistance. It is the only BTK balloon that has 170-cm working length on a tapered balloon, offering improved distal access.