Protégé GPS Self-Expanding Peripheral and Biliary Stent System

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• Low-profile 6-F compatibility
• Sizes up to 14 mm
• Iliac approved up to 12 mm
• Radiopaque stent markers to enhance visibility
• radial strength without sacrificing flexibility
• Clinically confirmed through DURABILITY Iliac study

The Protégé GPS self-expanding peripheral and biliary stent system, which has received FDA and CE Mark approvals, allows physicians to treat iliac artery lesions and restore blood flow with large-diameter stents through a low-profile, 6-F delivery system. The stent is cut from a nitinol tube into an open lattice design and has tantalum radiopaque markers at the proximal and distal ends of the stent. Upon deployment, the stent achieves its predetermined diameter and exerts a constant, outward force to restore patency.

The results of the DURABILITY Iliac study confirmed the safety and effectiveness of the Protégé GPS peripheral stent system in the treatment of stenotic lesions of the common and external iliac arteries. The prospective, multicenter, nonrandomized clinical study demonstrated 95.8% 9-month primary patency (the ability for the treated artery to remain open) by Kaplan-Meier analysis and 98.6% freedom from target vessel revascularization (no repeat procedure).