Asahi Intecc Peripheral Guidewires

Asahi Intecc USA, Inc.
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  • Double-coil technology
  • Durability and torqueability
  • 0.014- and 0.018-inch guidewires

New Asahi Intecc peripheral guidewires are now available in the United States, Japan, and Europe. Asahi Gladius, Asahi Halberd, and Asahi Gaia PV feature the company’s double-coil technology, which increases durability and enables 1:1 torque response of the wire. Asahi Gladius is a polymer-hydrophilic 0.014- and 0.018-inch workhorse guidewire with a low tip load (0.014 inch, 3 gf; 0.018 inch, 4 gf). Asahi Halberd (0.014 and 0.018 inch, both 12 gf) and Asahi Gaia PV (0.018 inch, 7.5 gf) are hydrophilic-coated, high tip load, complex lesion guidewires that balance controllability and penetration force.

Prof. Marianne Brodmann, with LKH-Universitätsklinikum, Graz, Austria, commented on her experiences with the Gladius 0.018-inch guidewire, “The wire was able to quickly cross a long, below-the-knee, complex lesion,” adding that in a different case, “Gladius 0.018 inch crossed a tortuous below-the-knee lesion easily with great control, even without the use of a support catheter.”

In addition to the new lineup with double-coil technology, the stiff Astato XS 40 (40 gf) 0.014-inch guidewire is now available for challenging heavy calcification.