Squidperi Liquid Embolic Agent Family

Balt International
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• The largest EVOH portfolio including low-density versions
• Advanced tantalum micronization for injection improvement
• Unique Squid 12 and 12LD for superfluid embolization

Balt International has received CE Mark for the Squidperi 34 and 34LD (low density) liquid embolic agents. Squidperi is a nonadhesive liquid embolic agent indicated for peripheral embolization. It is composed of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide and suspended micronized tantalum powder for radiopacity.

Squidperi is now available in 12, 18, and 34 centipoise,* as well as low-density versions of each.

“Balt is now able to offer one of the largest portfolios for peripheral solutions, including EVOH liquid embolic agents, embolic coil systems, and patented dual-lumen balloon devices. Balt will continue to support the peripheral embolization field by adapting innovative solutions in our product portfolio to create clinically significant advancements for the peripheral embolization field,” commented Pascal Girin, CEO of Balt Inc. and President of Balt International.

*Centipoise is a unit of viscosity equal to 1/100 poise.