LifeStent 5F Vascular Stent System

BD Interventional
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  • Low-profile 5-F delivery system
  • Designed for deployment control and ease of use
  • FDA approved for SFA and full popliteal artery
  • 5F ProSeries enables a complete 5-F procedure

BD Interventional has announced US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of the LifeStent 5F Vascular Stent System, which offers the same advanced helical stent design as the clinically proven LifeStent Vascular Stent on a new, low-profile, 5-F delivery system. The LifeStent Vascular Stent is the only stent on the market that is FDA approved for the superficial femoral artery (SFA) and full popliteal artery. The LifeStent 5F Delivery System offers dual-speed thumbwheel deployment and is designed for ease of use and deployment control. It is available in multiple diameters and lengths (5 mm [20–170 mm], 6 mm [20–150 mm], 7 mm [20–120 mm]).

The LifeStent 5F Vascular Stent System is part of the 5F ProSeries suite of low-profile products that are designed to minimize arteriotomy size and enable physicians to complete a 5-F procedure when treating the SFA and popliteal artery. The 5F ProSeries also includes the Crosser CTO Recanalization Catheter, Ultraverse 035 PTA, UltraScore Focused Force PTA, and Lutonix 035 DCB.