Impede and Impede-FX Embolization Plugs

Shape Memory Medical

(408) 649-5175


  • Porous polymer scaffold facilitates clotting
  • Promotes extracellular matrix and collagen formation
  • High embolic material volume
  • Inherent high packing density
  • Minimal artifact

The Impede and Impede-FX embolization plugs are built on a novel shape memory polymer (SMP) technology. SMP transitions between two shapes based on its environment. It can be crimped for catheter delivery and it self-expands on contact with blood. The porous polymer scaffold provides a unique environment for the rapid formation of many small, interconnected clots throughout the scaffold. The polymer is biocompatible and noninflammatory, which promotes the formation of extracellular matrix and collagen throughout the vessel lumen as the polymer degrades, resulting in a stable occlusion (demonstrated in preclinical models). The SMP plugs predictably and rapidly fill space, and each plug provides a high embolic material volume with an inherent 100% packing density. SMP has no artifact, maximizing the clarity of follow-up imaging. The anchor coil of Impede offers stability in higher flow and may be used in combination with Impede-FX to enhance occlusions while minimizing artifact.

Impede and Impede-FX are available for sale in the United States and countries recognizing CE Mark. Check local labeling for specific indications.

Artis icono floor

Siemens Healthineers

(610) 448-4500


  • A flexible, multiaxis floor system
  • Permits vascular and interventional cardiology procedures
  • Ceiling-like flexibility

The Artis icono floor is a floor-mounted, single-plane angiography system for vascular, interventional cardiology, surgical, and oncology procedures. The system’s new Optiq image chain redesigns image processing for two-dimensional imaging, increasing image quality across a wide range of C-arm angles and patient weights, as well as regulating acquisition parameters to automatically achieve optimal image contrast at patient radiation doses that conform to the “as low as reasonably possible” radiation safety principle. The improved road map function creates subtracted angiography images for easier navigation of the patient’s vascular system during fluoroscopy. Case Flows provide personalized workflow plans to optimize imaging parameters and system positions and display layouts for the entire procedure. With ceiling-like flexibility and a footprint of 269 square feet, the Artis icono floor provides coverage for patients ≤ 6 feet, 8 inches in height without repositioning, as well as lateral coverage of 6.23 feet. With its additional axis, the Artis icono floor can achieve virtually the same angles as a ceiling-mounted system, with free space for anesthesia carts, echocardiography systems, and patient monitors.

The Artis icono floor has 510(k) clearance from the FDA.