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  • Exceptional pushability and torque capacity
  • Able to navigate in tortuous anatomy
  • Four radiopaque markers for visibility
  • Compatible with 0.014-, 0.018-, and 0.035-inch guidewires
  • Small profiles with 4-F compatibility

Sergeant is intended to facilitate, guide, and support guidewires. It also allows guidewire exchanges and provides a conduit for the delivery of saline solutions and diagnostic contrast agents. Its guidewire support is possible thanks to its braided catheter, which allows pushability and torque.

Hydrax, iVascular’s proprietary hydrophilic coating, increases the catheter’s trackability, allowing Sergeant to pass through tortuous anatomy. In terms of visibility, Sergeant features four radiopaque markers that accurately assess catheter position and lesion length.

The device is available with straight or 30°-angled tips and in lengths of 65 and 150 cm. Sergeant provides compatibility with 0.014-, 0.018-, and 0.035-inch guidewires, which are all 4-F introducer compatible.

Marc Sirvent, MD, with Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol in Barcelona, Spain, performed the first procedures with the product. He highlighted, “The first sensations are really good. It has a fantastic profile, navigability, and visibility. The product easily crossed the occlusion in the tibial posterior and plantar arch.”

The Sergeant device has received European CE Mark approval.

Alto Abdominal Stent Graft System

Endologix, Inc.

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  • Seals at 7 mm infrarenal for challenging aortic necks
  • Unique, anatomically adaptive sealing with CustomSeal technology
  • New integrated balloon simplifies the procedure
  • Ultra-low profile for enhanced navigation through small, tortuous vessels
  • Ovation iX helical limbs demonstrate patency even in hostile anatomy

The Alto abdominal stent graft system is CE Mark approved for endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) of abdominal aortic aneurysms. The Alto has unique, patient-specific, anatomically adaptive sealing technology and broad patient applicability to facilitate the treatment of a wide range of aortic anatomies. The new design enables physicians to seal higher at 7 mm below the renal arteries to accommodate challenging necks. Alto includes an integrated balloon to simplify the procedure and reduce the need for ancillary products. With an ultra-low-profile, 13-F–inner diameter/15-F–outer diameter delivery system, Alto facilitates delivery through narrow, diseased vessels.

Alto provides physicians and their patients across Europe with a differentiated endovascular treatment option designed to improve durability compared with traditional EVAR. The company anticipates improved short-term outcomes relative to the Ovation iX system (their previous-generation abdominal stent graft) due to the design and manufacturing improvements incorporated into Alto.