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Assessing the Learning Curve of CAS

Peter H. Lin, MD; Wei Zhou, MD; Panos Kougias, MD; Hosam El Sayed, MD; and Alan B. Lumsden, MD

August 2006—Lessons learned from 246 carotid artery stenting procedures.

Operator Experience Versus Embolic Protection in the Carotid Arteries

James A.M. Smith, DO

August 2006—A review of the data regarding the theoretical advantages of embolic protection devices over unprotected CAS procedures.

Overview of Vulnerable Plaque

Emile R. Mohler III, MD

August 2006—An overview of the characteristics, detection methods, and response to treatment of vulnerable plaque in the carotids

Neuroprotection for Ostial Common Carotid Stenoses

James Joye, DO

August 2006—The "double-wire" technique is an effective method of treating these complex lesions.

Pixel Distribution Analysis to Identify Unstable Carotid Plaques

Brajesh K. Lal, MD, and Robert W. Hobson II, MD

August 2006—Is carotid plaque morphology ready for prime time?

Update on the TACIT Trial

Endovascular Today interviews John H. Rundback, MD

August 2006—New endpoints and new data have made TACIT even more critical.

The IMS Trials

Joseph Broderick, MD, and Thomas Tomsick, MD

June 2006—How a combined IV and IA approach utilizing an ultrasound-assisted, drug-delivery microcatheter increases recanalization rates over IV thrombolytic therapy alone.

Case Analysis: Negligent Diagnostic Cerebral Angiogram During Endovascular Cerebral Aneurysm Repair

The Endovascular Today Staff

June 2006—Case: Harden, 2004 Ohio 5548; 2004 Ohio App. LEXIS 4951, (2004) Jurisdiction: Court of Appeals of Ohio, Tenth Appellate District, Franklin County Dispositive Issues: Ins…



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