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When AVF Angioplasty Fails…

Thomas M. Vesely, MD

June 2012—Defining procedural success and overcoming common problems.

Managing Cephalic Arch Stenosis

Anthony G. Verstandig, MB, BS, and David Shemesh, MD

June 2012—How to diagnose and treat this condition in patients with hemodialysis fistulas to minimize complications and maintain patency.

One Question… How Are Stent Grafts Used In Your Dialysis Access Practice?

June 2012—With Dheeraj K. Rajan, MD, FRCPC, FSIR; Bart L. Dolmatch, MD; Anthony G. Verstandig, MB, BS; David Shemesh, MD, RVT; Gregg A. Miller, MD; and Aris Q. Urbanes, MD

When and How: The Art of Dialysis Access Intervention

Bart L. Dolmatch, MD, Guest Chief Medical Editor

June 2012—Clinical practice must be guided by data from high-quality human clinical trials. Yet, many of our real-time decisions reflect what we’ve learned during years of training…

Central Venous Occlusions: From Simple Solutions to Advanced Techniques

Dheeraj K. Rajan, MD, FRCPC, FSIR, and Marcelo Guimaraes, MD

June 2012—Assessing and treating complete central venous occlusions on the side of a functioning arteriovenous access.

Peritoneal Dialysis in ESRD Patients

Dennis Fry, MD

June 2012—Case planning and techniques for this cost-effective method of renal replacement therapy.

Percutaneous Venous Anastomosis With a Hybrid Vascular Graft

John R. Ross, MD

June 2012—Treatment indications, percutaneous technique, and initial outcomes.

Treatment of AVG Venous Anastomotic Stenosis

Bart L. Dolmatch, MD

June 2012—Clinical indicators and treatment techniques for this common cause of arteriovenous graft failure.



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