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Undersizing to the Outflow Vein

Daniel V. Patel, MD, FASDIN

June 2018—Technique and considerations in deployment of the GORE® VIABAHN® Endoprosthesis at the venous anastomosis of dialysis access arteriovenous grafts.

Stent Grafts: An Important Tool in Today’s Dialysis Treatment Algorithm

With John R. Ross, MD; and Ziv J. Haskal, MD, FSIR, FAHA, FACR

June 2018—Two dialysis experts discuss their approach to access challenges.

GORE® VIABAHN® Endoprosthesis Flexibility Across the Elbow

Dheeraj Rajan, MD, FRCPC, FSIR, FACR

June 2018—Maintaining mechanical integrity in this region is critical for optimal outcomes in dialysis access.

The Pathophysiology of Arteriovenous Graft Thrombosis and Stenosis

With Mitchell Henry, MD

June 2018—Understanding the underlying challenges of an optimal access site.

Strategies for Approaching Vascular Graft Thrombectomy

With Scott O. Trerotola, MD

June 2018—Insights on the best tactics for declotting arteriovenous grafts.

Dialysis Access: Boldly Entering a New Era in Decision-Making

Bart L. Dolmatch, MD, FSIR; and Saravanan Balamuthusamy, MD, FASN, FASDIN

June 2018— Much has changed in the practice of medicine over the past decade. Today, we have data-generating wear

Global Roundtable: Real-World Experience With Drug-Coated Balloons in AV Access

With Andrew Holden, MBChB, FRANZCR, EBIR; Farah Gillan Irani, MBBS, FRCR, FAMS; Dimitrios Karnabatidis, MD, PhD, FCIRSE; Panagiotis M. Kitrou, MD, MSc, PhD, EBIR; Bien Soo Tan, MBBS, FRCR, FAMS; and Scott O. Trerotola, MD

June 2018—Experts discuss the current use of DCBs in AV fistulas and review how upcoming trials may influence progress in this space.

Key Updates in AV Access Trials

June 2018—A summary of the current status of AV access trials in 2018.



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