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Embolization for OA: Which Patients Are the Most Suitable Candidates?

Masahiko Shibuya, MD, PhD; and Yuji Okuno, MD, PhD

April 2018—A review of patient selection and procedural technique, with case examples.

SIR Highlight: Interim Results Show Reduced Pain and Improved Function in US Study of Geniculate Artery Embolization for Knee Osteoarthritis

April 2018—Early findings from the first United States -- based study exploring geniculate artery embolization (GAE) for knee osteoarthritis (OA) indicate the potential for reductions in…

Endovascular Treatment of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

Andrew C. Picel, MD; and Anne C. Roberts, MD

April 2018—PCS remains underdiagnosed and undertreated, but recognizing this condition and providing endovascular treatment can benefit women with chronic pelvic pain.

Ask the Experts: Pelvic Congestion Syndrome: Which Veins Do You Treat and When?

With Michael Miller Jr, MD, FSIR; Waleska Pabon-Ramos, MD, MPH; Meridith J. Englander, MD, FSIR; and Miguel Angel de Gregorio, MD, PhD, FCIRSE, FSIR, EBIR

April 2018—Experts discuss the use of imaging, embolization approaches, and reintervention strategies in case of recurrence.

Double Embolization for Rapid Liver Hypertrophy: The Endovascular ALPPS

Erik Schadde, MD, FACS, FEBS (HPB); and Christoph A. Binkert, MD, FCIRSE, FSIR

April 2018—A review of how an interventional double embolization procedure developed from the surgical ALPPS procedure and discussion of the initial results.

Embolx Announces SBIR Grant for Phase II Development of Pressure-Directed Embolization Therapy

April 12, 2018 -- Embolx, Inc. recently announced that the company has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant valued at $2 million from the National Ca…

CE Mark Approval Granted for Balt's Squidperi Liquid Embolic Agent

April 9, 2018 -- Balt International recently announced CE Mark approval for the Squidperi 34 and 34LD (low density) liquid embolic agents. Squidperi is a nonadhesive liquid em…

Cook Begins Relaunch of Beacon Tip Catheter Line

April 2, 2018 -- Cook Medical has begun reintroducing its line of Beacon Tip angiographic catheters, starting in the United States and Canada with the 5-F Beacon Tip Torcon NB…



2017 Device Guide

This Device Guide offers a searchable, comprehensive listing of the available vascular interventional devices in the United States.


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